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Brrr! It’s Cold Outside!

2018 has started off freezing! Even though the thermostat is set at 70° F, it gets chilly in the kennel area. We’ve installed dog houses in every kennel. Cracker Jack loves hanging out on top of his and Drumbeat loves snuggling inside of his. Most of the dogs love the dog houses while a few of the girls are getting used to them.

Our newest dog Ferdinand has Entropion (eyelids fold inwards) and is having surgery this upcoming week. He’s not enjoying wearing a cone right now, but he’ll be a happy boy soon enough! If you'd like to help donate towards Ferdinand's surgery, you can do so here. By the way, he’s HUGE, tall and wide. Our volunteers are busy giving him lots of love and attention. He’s such a sweet guy and deserves the best.

Contribute to the first pit bull care facility in the midwest:
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