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Help pit bulls by volunteering with MPR!


Missouri Pit Bull Rescue operation structure is established through a network of volunteers who manage all aspects of the organization.  Every single function of the rescue is operated by volunteers. MPR does not employ any paid staff.


MPR volunteers are solely responsible for the following activities: Managing daily operations of the organization. Taking care of the dogs at the shelter, as well as all shelter maintenance. Evaluation and bailing of adoption candidates. Screening applications for adoption. Training and supervising new volunteers. Fundraising and grant writing. Education and answering general email. Designing graphics and printed material. Organizing and attending adoption events. Marketing and PR. Fighting BSL. Conducting home checks. Web site and database management. Paper work, files and records. Adoptions and follow ups. Training and rehabilitating rescue dogs. Pictures and biographies. Promotion, on-line listings and social medias. Transport, errands and supplies, and the list goes on...

All volunteers must be 18 years or older. Applicants interested in directly caring for the dogs must live within 50 miles of Kansas City, MO.


Missouri Pit Bull Rescue has a coordinator team who provides governance and leadership, but all volunteers share responsibilities for the various areas of work they have an interest in.


MPR needs volunteers who are self-motivated, can initiate and carry out activities with little supervision, but who are aware of and in tune with MPR’s philosophies and guidelines. MPR volunteers operate as a group and everyone maintains team-oriented work ethic.


If you are interested in making a difference by volunteering with MPR, please fill out our foster application and a volunteer will contact you to begin the process.
Want to get involved but unable to volunteer? Contributions from our generous donors keep our program running!
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