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Why It's Important to Spay and Neuter

Spaying female animals eliminates the following:
  • Spotting during the heat period.

  • Male animals entering the yard while the female is in heat.

  • Pregnancy complications, involving caesarean sections and in some cases, death.

  • Breast tumors. Less than 1% incidence if spayed prior to the first heat, in excess of 5% incidence in non-spayed female dogs older than five years.

  • Uterine infections, possibly life threatening, increasingly common with age.

  • Tumors of the ovaries, uterus, and vagina.

  • Need for extra food.

  • Irritability and emotional changes. Hormonal stress and instability.

  • Unwanted puppies killed in shelters, abandoned in the streets, neglected or abused in bad homes.

Neutering male animals can result in these benefits:
  • Eliminates or reduces irritability or aggression.

  • Elimination or reduction in territorial behavior (urine marking, spraying, fighting, and wandering).

  • Reduces risks for prostate tumors and infections.

  • Reduces risks for perineal hernias/rupture of the posterior abdominal wall.

  • Reduces stress, frustration.

  • Increases happiness.



Pet Resource Center of Kansas City is offering low cost spay/neuter services for privately owned Pit Bulls over 45 lbs. Please CALL 816-353-0940 for more information and see if you qualify for this special service. Spay and Neuter Kansas City is a not-for-profit organization formed to promote spay and neutering as a primary means of decreasing the pet overpopulation.


Myths & Facts


Myth: Preventing pets from having litters is unnatural.

Fact: We've already interfered with nature by domesticating dogs and cats. Killing (euthanizing) the excess of animals is unnatural. Interfering with pack behavior by removing 6 weeks old puppies from their mother and siblings and selling them to strangers is unnatural...


Myth: I can find homes for all the puppies my female will have.

Fact: Finding someone to adopt a Pit Bull is very easy. Every street thug, gangster and dog fighter are looking for cheap bait dogs.... Finding a GOOD, loving, caring and responsible home for a Pit Bull is extremely difficult. There are already too many pets and not enough good homes. We must correct this terrible situation rather than add to the problem.


Myth: I want my children to see the miracle of birth.

Fact: The birthing process can often be traumatizing. A female in labor is often anxious and may bite or snap. Puppies may become "stuck" in the birth canal, needing surgical intervention. Mothers may eat their newborn. Stillborn and deformed offspring are common. Video stores have videos of the miracle of birth. A better lesson to teach your children is the need for spay/neuter and the tragedy of death due to pet overpopulation in animal shelters.


Myth: We don't need to neuter males dogs because they can't give birth.

Fact: It takes two to Tango! Intact males are often miserably aroused due to their hormones and there is nothing they can do about it but try to escape to find a female. A high percent of lost pets and animals hit by cars are unaltered male dogs as the dogs are out looking for relief... Intact males live in constant state of frustration and are more prone to developing behavior problems. No fatal dog attack by an altered dog was ever reported. Neutered males have a significantly lower risk of certain tumors and prostate disease.


Myth: My pet never leaves the yard.

Fact: Remember, gates get left open and fences blow down. People often fail to check shelters for their lost pets. (Dog licenses and microchips can help lost pets find their way home.) Intact males will desperately try to find a way to escape to relieve painful and frustrating sexual tension. Female in heat will do all they can to find and attract a reproductive partner.


Myth: Neutering will make my pet fat and change his/her personality.

Fact: Overfeeding and too little exercise will make your pet fat and lazy. Any personality change will be for the best! For males, the aggression related to hormones will decrease. For females, mood swings related to hormones will decrease. Your pet will likely become more attentive to you and your family.


Myth: Surgery is dangerous and expensive.

Fact: The procedures are routine at most veterinary facilities. There are always risks involved with any surgical procedure but the risks and costs are minimal compared to those associated with not spaying and neutering. Your pet will live longer, cost you less in veterinary bills, and be healthier and happier if it is spayed or neutered.


Myth: A female should have a litter so she'll be a better pet.

Fact: This is a common misconception with no medical proof behind it. Females may even become more aggressive especially immediately after giving birth. Each heat cycle a female goes through will increase her risk for developing breast cancer. A non-spayed female is at risk for developing uterine infections -- very often a life threatening problem that requires immediate surgery. The birthing process itself carries risks and potential complications. Are you willing to risk your pet's life?


Help stop the suffering: spay and neuter your pet!
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