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A Safe Haven With MPR 

MPR offers two different types of accommodations to house homeless dogs. Dogs in our program await their forever home in foster care or in a comfortable home-like shelter environment located in the Kansas City area.

Foster care; One step closer to a forever home


Foster homes play a critical role at Missouri Pit Bull Rescue. Fostering not only provides additional space to keep homeless dogs while they await their forever home, but also offers excellent opportunities for training and socialization. The dogs' sojourn in a temporary home also allows us to gather important information on their behaviors, likes and dislikes, and all-around potential as family companion. 

Dogs in foster care may be socialized with other pets, kids and exposed to every-day family activities that prepare them for a successful life in their future home. Foster dogs also receive basic training and develop home environment skills and good manners. 

Please read more about our Foster Care Program

MPR Shelter Life: 

While MPR volunteers have been operating a dog shelter since early 2000's, we previously rented a building on a commercial property. After years of preparation and ambitious fundraising, MPR finally built its very own facility in 2016.

MPR's home was established on a private five-acre lot in Kansas City, secluded yet conveniently located near highways and amenities. Curators live on location so someone keeps an eye on the dogs 24/7. 


While the shelter currently has a capacity of 12 kennels, the property is zoned agricultural and can house up to 25 dogs, comfortably and safely. The facility was designed to mimic a home-like environment in order to minimize stress and to help the dogs develop essential skills as family companions.  

MPR's shelter is operated solely by volunteers. Unpaid staff is responsible for all shelter activities, from caretaking to general maintenance. 


For the dogs safety, our facility is not open to the public. Visits are made via appointment only. Please contact us if interested. 

See more pictures and info of MPR shelter HERE

Help us stock the shelter with essentials to keep MPR dogs clean and happy!

Packages can be sent to:  10014 E 47th Street, KCMO 64133  ATTN: MPR

Click below to view our Amazon wishlist. We rely on generous donations to keep our shelter stocked!

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