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Save a life by fostering with MPR!


Foster Homes are temporary residences for rescued dogs until a permanent home is found. Fostering is a vital part of MPR and makes an incomparable difference in the life of homeless dogs. Our foster homes are the backbone of the organization. A large percentage of dogs we save relies on our foster homes availability.

MPR covers all necessary feeding expenses if desired, and provides essential foster items such as crates, bowls, leashes, etc. We just ask that you be willing to invest your time, love, and a space in your home.


Dogs will come to you fully vetted. Some rescue candidates are in need of physical or emotional rehabilitation. MPR will assist you with this important project. You will not be left on your own.  Because of the diverse background of the dogs in our program, some are ready for adoption as they come to us and some may need a significant amount of time, training and patience invested in them to prepare them for adoption. Foster homes give those dogs a chance to learn how to be a good family companion before going to their final home.


If a foster dogs has health issues, you will be asked to work with specific veterinary clinics which offer MPR a rescue discount and hold our billing accounts. MPR pays the bill directly to the Vet Clinic. Any outstanding expenses must first be approved by MPR Treasurer. All receipts must be provided in order to be reimbursed.


Foster parents also play an important role in the placement/adoption process, and may be asked to talk to and/or meet prospective families.


In addition to saving lives, fostering is a great way to experience a Pit Bull in your home before making a final commitment. Our foster homes have first say on the dog they foster. If you become too attached, you are welcome to keep the dog and join what we amusingly refer to as “MPR’s Foster Failure Club”.

Fostering Requirements​​

1.     Foster Homes must first fill out MPR’s Foster Application and will be asked to sign a foster contract.

2.     MPR foster homes are preferably located in the Kansas City area or within driving distance.

3.     MPR proceeds with a home visit before approving a foster home.

4.     If you rent, you need to provide your landlord's contact info for verification. We may also need to verify BSL in your area.

5.     We prefer foster parents who have a good understanding of the breed or be willing to learn. We offer breed education.

6.     If you have other 4-legged companions, you will be asked to follow our multiple-pet guidelines.

7.     Our Foster Homes should set a good example and meet our requirements (ex; all pets in the foster home should be altered).

8.     Foster homes should respect city limit regarding the number of animals in home.

9.     We occasionally need short-term foster situations but the great majority of time we need long-term foster homes.

10.  Foster Moms and Dads must be patient and understanding. Placement times can be as short as a week or take several months

11.  You will be expected to keep your foster dog "as long" as needed to find the most suitable home.

12.  We do not pay our foster homes. MPR collects the adoption fee when the dog is placed so it can be applied on another dog.

MPR Will Provide...


1.     All necessary food, flea and heartworm prevention for the foster dog if desired.

2.     All authorized veterinary care for the foster dog if desired.

3.     Pre-evaluation, pictures, and promotion of the foster dog in several web sites and adoption events.

4.     Screening potential applications and do homechecks.

5.     Support and aid with any questions you have along the way, including training tips.

6.     If needed, we will loan crates, leash, dog dishes, etc,

7.     The acknowledgement that you are giving a dog extra time to live, and another chance to find a loving, safe home!


From foster home to forever home

Our foster homes are included in the adoption process and make the placement decisions with us. While the foster dog is in your care, MPR volunteers will work with you to screen prospective adopters, make home visits, and attempt to find the perfect match for your protege. We will not place your foster dog in a home that makes you uncomfortable. We can meet potential families together and the placement is thoroughly discussed with everyone involved.


The rescue dogs however, are selected and bailed out by MPR and remain the organization's property and responsibility. Our foster homes cannot make rescue and/or placement decisions without the approval of MPR's director of operation.

Letting go of your foster dog


Yes, its hard to say goodbye. All MPR volunteers understand this very well. Foster parents are often concerned about their attachments to the animals - When you realize what a wonderful gift you are able to give an animal in need, it makes it all worthwhile! To have opened your heart and your home, and given a needy dog a second chance is truly an amazing experience. By turning them over to their permanent home, you will be able to save another Pit Bull in need if you so choose. If we can only save one more life, it is worth the world and the sadness to say goodbye.

In the Dogs Selection Section please put Foster Home in the dog name field on the application.  Thank you!

If you are willing to open up your home to fostering an MPR dog, please fill out our foster application and a volunteer will contact you to begin the process.
Want to get involved but unable to foster? Contributions from our generous donors keep our program running!
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