Become a Bully Hero

Interested in supporting Missouri Pit Bull Rescue on an ongoing basis? If so, Sign up and become a Bully Hero today!

What is a Bully Hero?

Our Bully Heroes are the backbone of what we do. They play a huge role in all of our accomplishments. This amazing team of monthly donors enables us to cover all of the basics: food, preventive medicine, training, shelter, and the most important gift - Love to all of the dogs in our program.


Why are Bully Heroes so important?


Most often the dogs that come into the program are in need of medical care. With the steady and predictable source of income provided by our Bully Heroes we have been able to provide this care time and time again. The loyalty of our Bully Heroes has also allowed us to respond to unplanned urgent matters when they arise.



Here are just a few of the medical cases that MPR would not have been able to fund without our Bully Hero’s help.


How to become a Bully Hero


By making a monthly tax-deductible donation of at least $35 your gift will ensure that every MPR dog has what they need to successfully transition to their forever homes.


Along with joining an amazing team, you will receive:

  • A welcome kit with a special thank you from one of our current dogs.

  • Special Updates throughout the year: You will get to see what your donations have helped us to accomplish through e-mails, videos, and pictures.

  • Cumulative tax receipt at the end of the year.

Sign up today and join a team of people making a huge difference in the lives of our dogs!

Become a Bully Hero to an MPR dog through your monthly donation:

Thank you & paws up to our Bully Heroes

  • Amy Brady

  • Amy Jo Zager

  • Andrew & Karmen Wehrhan

  • Brandi Lute

  • Brian & Christy Imel

  • Clayton Kuhn
  • Derick Miranda
  • Jamie Olson
  • Jennifer Adams

  • Jim Vordtriede

  • Joel Greve

  • Kathryn VanBlaricum

  • Kevin Cates

  • Kristen Klug

  • Marris Ambrose

  • Matthew Taylor

  • Michael Linaberry

  • Misty Novotny

  • Nancy Copeland

  • Ralph Mountjoy

  • Renee George

  • Trin Turner

  • Fast Decals





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