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Who we are


An all-volunteer 501C3 rescue group in Kansas City, Missouri, MPR's Mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, fight unfair legislation's and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in Missouri and beyond.


The Beginning

MPR was formed in 1998 by husband and wife Veronique (V) and Robert (Rob) Chesser. The two Pit Bull lovers met online in 1996 when participating in a Pit Bull related forum. Rob and V quickly realized they had a lot in common, including a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of homeless Pit Bulls.

V, who is French Canadian and originally from Quebec, Canada, has a certification in Canine Science and over 40 years of experience with dog rescue. Rob, a Network Security Engineer by profession, grew up with Pit Bull dogs and embarked on his rescue journey over 25 years ago.


MPR began with Rob and V saving dogs from local pounds one at a time, keeping rescue Pit Bulls in their home with very little resource and no financial assistance until the word spread out and help came forward. The organization started to grow as V joined forces with other local Pit Bull lovers wanting to help this noble, yet vilified and abused breed of dog. MPR was recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2003 and has continued to grow ever since.


Luckily now, MPR is fortunate enough to receive assistance and financial support from Pit Bull lovers across the country, allowing the organization to build a fund dedicated to covering each dog's basic needs and essential medical care. Thanks to a well-rounded team of committed volunteers and a large base of supporters, MPR has gone from saving 20 Pit Bulls in 2000 to over 100 a year - an increase well over 200%.

The Present


MPR’s mission is still very much the same as it was when V and Rob were saving Pit Bull dogs one at a time, but on a much larger scale. The organization currently operates with over 50 active volunteers, a dozen dedicated foster homes, its very own private shelter, and a team of advisors to help provide governance. No one is getting paid for their involvement with the group but the rewards are endless. We're all Pit Bull lovers with full-time jobs and families who spend every spare dollar and minute of our time helping those deserving dogs.

Our commitments include Pit Bull education (via email, the website and events), evaluating dogs for rescue, fostering, caring for the shelter dogs, vet visits, rehabilitation and nursing sick dogs to good health, attending adoption events, screening applications, conducting phone interviews, home checks, and follow-ups, transporting dogs to potential homes, teaching a dog how to be a good pet, and lastly, LOVING our rescue dogs with all our heart until it's time to let them go to their forever home.

In 2016 MPR reached its biggest goal to date. We designed and conceived our very own shelter! We opened our doors in 2017 and this little Pit Bull haven has been thriving since then. We currently have the capacity of 12 dogs at the shelter with a total of 25 on the property. We built the shelter to be comfortable for both pit bulls and our volunteers, and inviting to potential adopters and supporters.


We have large kennels with indoor and outdoor access. 2 large playrooms, an isolation/medical room, office space, a laundry room, a kitchen, bathroom, storage and play yards. 


While pouring our hearts out helping as many blockheads as we can, we must still endure the heartbreaking job of turning away countless dogs, often the victim of extremely poor care, over-breeding and negative image perpetrated by the media, due to limited space, resources, foster homes and funds. We are keeping our chins up however, as we know our hard work is significant even if we only make a dent in the grand scheme of things. Helping 1 dog wont change the world, but it will change the world for that 1 dog.

The Future


Our future goals include continuing growth and education reach, increase our volunteer base, improve our adoption rate, and always enhance our positive and helpful impact not only on the dogs, but on the breed in general. 

We also have big plans for our rescue facility, including adding an adoption center, more walking trails and a memorial garden.


We have room to expand. Hopefully in the future we provide safe housing for even more Bully friends. And who knows, one day we'll be walking on the moon...

Help us to continue our mission by contributing today!
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