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How To Donate

General Donations


                Help us help them!


             TO DONATE BY MAIL:

         Missouri Pit Bull Rescue,

         Post Office Box 300802,

          Kansas City, MO 64130 


                 Or via paypal below: 

Bully Hero


Interested in assisting Missouri Pit Bull Rescue on an ongoing basis? Our Bully Heroes are the backbone of our organization. This amazing team of monthly donors enables us to cover all of the basics: food, preventive medicine, training, shelter needs and the most important gift - Love.


Learn more about
the Bully Hero program
Capital Campaign


Our new shelter is built, and the dogs are loving it! We are now in phase 3 of this project; The outdoor space, including fenced yards, walking trails, landscaping, a memorial garden and much more!

Learn more about MPR shelter progress and development


Sponsor Program


Coming Soon

Medical Fund


Please contribute to our medical fund so we can accept dogs in our program with medical issues. Donations made specifically to our medical fund provide  invaluable assistance when injured or sick dogs knock at our door for help. 


MPR Medical Fund

Post Office Box 300802,

Kansas City, MO 64130


Wishlist & Supplies
Visit our Wish List page to see the items and supplies MPR needs on a regular basis. Our volunteers might be able to pick-up donation if you are located in the Kansas City Metro.
For a complete list of supplies and easy order and delivery, see our Amazon Wish Lists:
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