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The Realization Of A Dream 



For some, dog rescue is a vocation, a calling. It is so deeply ingrained in our soul that it gives us the power to move incredible mountains in order to help animals in need. MPR was built on this strength, passion and determination. For over two decades this organization has proven its resilience, commitment and determination.


Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the support of Pit Bull lovers across the nation, we have reached and surpassed many goals, always looking forward to taking on bigger projects to better the life of the dogs we love. Our biggest enterprise to date: The construction of our very own Pit Bull shelter, right here in the heart of the Midwest.


Having our own facility was a dream MPR cherished for as long as we remember. Our team spent years preparing for this venture, researching the best location, observing how successful rescue groups operate their facility, and most importantly, allying with people who shared our vision, passion, and determination. We made sure our group was solid and ready, and we demonstrated over the past 25 years our ability to successfully operate a rescue organization with no paid staff.

MPR has touched the lives of thousands of Pit Bull dogs in the Midwest. The organization has provided hope, love and peace not only to Pit Bulls in need, but to the people who needed a special companion in their life and to those who needed a purposeful mission. MPR has only reached a small part of its destiny. We still have a million more mountains to move, for the sake of the dogs we love.


Please join the team and contribute to MPR's mission.  Your donations make a world of difference. I promise you.

~ Veronique Chesser, Founder and President

  • A spectacular 5 acre lot in KCMO, secluded, well located, with creeks running through and gorgeous landscape.

  • The property was rezoned agricultural to allow 25 dogs and city approval was obtained for an animal shelter.

  • Several years of experience in successfully operating a rescue organization without paid staff.

  • A deeply dedicated and motivated team of volunteers, eager to put heart and soul in the completion of this project.

  • Amazing financial supporters who believe in our mission and share our dreams. 



  • Phase 1: Planning, site clearing and building's erection, kennels and the interior of the facility are done!


  • Phase 2: We have 10 indoor/outdoor kennels, 2 large playrooms, a medical room, 2 office spaces, a full kitchen, a full bathroom/grooming area, a utility room, a storage room and 2 usable fenced yards. 

  • The dogs moved in October 2017 and the shelter has been in operation since then.​


  • The ground around the facility was leveled and seeded.

  • Three large fenced yards were built.

  • Two concrete patios and covers were put in place.

  • Parking areas for visitors & volunteers in progress.

  • A large shed for additional storage was installed.

  • 1 trail bridge built (thanks to boyscouts club), 1 more to go. 

  • Walking trails and park settings in progress. More to come.


  • Gabion wall to extend our front yard.

  • Second wooden bridges to cross the trail creeks.

  • Landscaping throughout the property.

  • Agility course and equipment.

  • Memorial Garden.


  • Financial assistance

  • Volunteer Labor.

  • Acreage-specific riding mower.

  • Bobcat or tractor.

  • ATV or UTV.

  • Decking and fencing material. 

  • Landscaping supplies.

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