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Outlining the new shelter

Now that our dirt pad is complete and blueprints are finalized, we are waiting on permits from the city so that we may order our materials. Today, our volunteers outlined the layout of the shelter and can finally envision it coming to life. In the coming weeks, the rest of the grounds will be cleared and [hopefully] materials will start arriving! We are excited to announce opportunities where you may be able to get your feet wet and help with the construction. To learn more about our progress, come to our info session this Sunday at Kelly's Westport Inn!

We need doors and windows!

The blueprints are finalized, construction has began, but now we are in need of doors and windows! Please see the specs below to see how you can contribute: Doors: 36” x 80” 9-lite (1/2 lite) steel entry door, 4 left in swing, 1 right in swing Home Depot 36” x 80” 9-lite Steel Entry Door ($239/e) NOTE: If you have a 32” or 34” door with the same specs as above please contact us at



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