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Video tour of our new shelter!

Rather than tell you about all of our progress, we've decided to show you! Check out this video tour of our shelter. Click the image below to view the video on Youtube. Want to get involved in this first-of-its-kind dedicated pit bull shelter? We still need donations for interior supplies such as paint, tile, fixtures, and more. We'll be posting the various donation requests on Facebook, so stay tuned!


We're encouraging all our fans to get out and exercise next month! We've partnered with two different apps - ResQwalk and Walk for a Dog - to raise money just by walking, hiking, running, or cycling! Just choose Missouri Pit Bull Rescue as your charity of choice. Run the apps simultaneously to double your impact!

Become an active walker by logging your miles every week. At the end of the month, we'll post a giveaway prize on Facebook - comment with a screenshot of your logged miles for the month and we'll choose two winners at random! Post a screenshot from each app to double your chances of winning!

Contribute to the first pit bull care facility in the midwest:
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