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A Brief MPR Update

What a busy couple of weeks! Ferdinand had his eye surgery and is doing 1,000 times better! He loves to run around a play. Thank you all for your donations and support. While we were figuring out Ferdinand, we got another medical case. Chase was hit during a high-speed car chase and his owners surrendered him since they couldn’t afford the medical care. Chase had a Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) this past week and is recovering in a foster home. His foster home is working on keeping him calm and kennel training him. You can help us fund Chase's medical care by donating here.

Around the shelter, we got cabinets and counter tops installed in the kitchen area. Our volunteers are most excited about the Keurig, though! One of the dogs was a little rough with the couch and we got a new sectional donated for their comfort. To help with our photo shoots, one of our volunteers got a photo shoot box made for the dogs to pose on. We think it's going to help lots of pitties get adopted!

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