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The Brangus is an American cattle breed derived from cross-breeding the American Angus and Brahman stock. The bull is a powerful animal, which it's symbolism is linked to positive traits such as strength, protectiveness, and sacrifice. 

Before applying for a dog, please take a moment to review our Adoption Information & Procedures


Some of the dogs in our program are adopted before we get to know them. Some stay longer but require several weeks to show their character. Some dogs receive additional evaluations and training by professionals if needed.

We work hard to provide as much information as possible, but the process is not perfect. Our goal is to give the dogs the best chance to stay in their home for the rest of their lives so we are genuine regarding what we know about them. For MPR, quality of our placements takes precedence over a quick turnaround.

We do our very best to update the dogs' bios as quickly as we can. In some cases, dogs are adopted before we are able to revise their listing. 


Please do not contact MPR via email or messenger to inquire about a dog’s personality and/or temperament, compatibility with other pets, etc. The volunteers in charge of replying to general requests are not the same as those handling and evaluating the dogs. They will not be able to answer your questions.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will act or react under all circumstances and situations.

Background Info:


Brangus was found as a stray back in 2020 and taken to the local shelter where he was quickly adopted. We're not sure what happened between now and then but we were told he was rehomed by the adopter and eventually once again found roaming the streets recently. This is when a plea to our group was made and we could not say no to this handsome boy. We are now eager to see this hunk get yet another chance at the good life and this time we promise him it will be furever! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull/Mastiff
Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 yrs
Weight: 80-90+  lbs

Health Condition:

Healthy as a "bull" and ready for adoption. 

Physical Description:  

A big, strong dog, as impressive looking as he is lovable. We suspect Brangus might have some Mastiff type dog in his background, American Bulldog, or perhaps even large Labrador. He is bigger than a Pit Bull - heavy and big boned. He is much better looking in person than in pictures. Black dogs are always hard to photograph as their expressions don't reflect well on camera. We can assure you, this dog is a stunner in person. 🤩 With a dog like Brangus at your side, no one will bother you even though in reality, Brangus is nothing but a big, loving teddy bear. 


Current Living Situation:  

Brangus is doing the best he can to be a trooper at MPR shelter, but you can tell he's lived in a house before and he knows what he's missing. Shelter life is easier on dogs that left a bad situation behind but for dogs that are used to being house pets and having a family like Brangus, adjusting to life in a kennel facility is not easy. This boy is doing the best he can while he waits for another chance. He is not causing any trouble and the volunteers adore him. He was sad and lonely at first but resigned and well behaved. After a few weeks in our care, he eventually adjusted and is now a cheerful, good-natured dog with a chill yet playful personality.  He livens-up when it's his turn to spend time with a volunteer and is always ready to enjoy his time out for playtime, walks, and cuddles. 



"Big lovable goof" would describe him well. While some small dogs have big crazy energy, some big guys like Brangus are often more on the chill side. He is strong but usually very easy-going, which makes him rather easy to handle, even for a dog his size provided that you have the right walking tools and/or good training techniques. 

He does have amusing but short-lived bouts of "zoomies" that must not be underestimated but quickly end in cuddle sessions on the couch. Overall he's a big lug who enjoys snuggling with his loved-ones and has a great couch-potato quality. He's playful too but never too overbearing. Volunteers tell us that he's great in the car and can be a bit of a Velcro dog. 

Behavior with people: 

Friendly and outgoing for the most part. He might be slightly reserved with some strangers, but warms up very quickly to anyone who shows him love and acceptance. If someone is uneasy towards him he might be a little uncomfortable with them, which is a typical behavior with many Mastiff-type dogs. Once he realizes that you are a friend, he'll be more than happy to be your BFF and shower you in drooly kisses.  

With his loved-ones; Brangus is a very affectionate dog who loves to follow you around. No more lonely trips to the bathroom! 


Behavior with children:  

Brangus hasn't been exposed to kids since being in our program. From what we know about him, we believe he could most likely adjust to a home with older, bigger kids who know how to treat dogs with love and respect. However, parents need to keep in mind that Brangus is a big guy who could  become protective of his family if he takes after a potential Mastiff side. Kids often have friends that come and go, so this needs to be taken into consideration if you want to bring a dog like Brangus into your home. 

Volunteers have also noted that Brangus is not always aware of his large size when he plays and could accidentally knock over little ones during enthusiastic play sessions. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Brangus was introduced to compatible female dogs during his brief stay at the city pound and did well. The meetings were conducted in a structured environment and monitored by professional dog trainers, so not necessarily revealing of the dog's future interactions with other dogs.


That said, we have no reason to believe Brangus could not share a home with the right female if the owner is familiar with strong bully breeds and knows how to introduce the dogs properly and assure good supervision. At the shelter he has shown no signs of conflict towards other dogs so far, and seems pretty laid back. 


Brangus might not be an ideal candidate for interaction with other male dogs however, due to his impressive stature and intimidating appearance.


Behavior with other animals:  



He had a couple accidents in the playroom when he first arrived until he figured out the routine. He now uses the doggy-doors to let himself out if needed. He has been non-destructive as of now, and responds well to basic commands. 

Best Attribute:

Brangus' beauty is stunning but his charm will capture your heart. This is a dog you must meet in person to truly appreciate. Please don't base your impression of him on his pictures only. Ask our Adoption Counselor about him after completing an application even if you don't think he's your first choice. You might be pleasantly surprised!  To meet him is to love him :-)

Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for their care.

Information updated on 0/0/2024

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