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Ya Ya Panda

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Background Info:

Yaya Panda was brought into the city pound by a citizen who found her as a stray. She was never claimed. WE have no info regarding her background and past upbringing.

Physical Description:
That smoosh face ♥ Those covergirl eyes ♥ Her eyeliner is perfect!! Yaya looks like a small American Bulldog with cropped ears. She's a doll!

Update from a volunteer: "I sometimes call YaYa - Zsa Zsa, because she is sassy. I imagine if YaYa were a woman she would have many “darlings”. I mean- her eyeliner is on point."

Current Living Situation:
Yaya has been truly blossoming in foster care! She is currently fostered in an apartment in the city, with two young roommates. There is also a small adult Dachshund in her foster home.

Though Yaya is crate-trained, she is given free reign in her room and her foster mom checks on her via doggy camera while at work. She is very well behaved while home alone and has had no issues being by herself all day. She snoozes on the bed during the day and patiently waits for her caretaker to come back home.

Since there are no fenced-in areas in the apartment complex, Yaya is taken on daily leashed-walks and does wonderfully with minimal pulling, and only for the occasional squirrel. She is easily redirected. Yaya doesn’t care for other dogs on the walks but gets excited to see people and hopes they will say hello to her.

When her foster mom is home Yaya enjoys cuddling and following her around. If she's busy working however, Yaya does well to self entertain and will usually make herself comfy in bed and just chill.

Yaya does sleep in her fosters bed and is quite the cuddler!

Yaya doesn't have any accidents inside in her foster home.

Yaya does well on car rides and relaxes in the doggy hammock in the back seat.

She enjoys plush toys and does well with them as long as there aren’t tags or “limbs.” She is very playful and this can occasionally lead to a bit of mouthiness which can be redirected.

Overall Yaya could certainly live in an apartment setting with ample walks and an energetic owner but a yard would be best for her!

From foster mom: "Yaya’s favorite toys are her plush toys. She is actually very careful not to play too rough with any of them and has kept all of her toys intact! Yaya does well in the car. She is a bit nervous at the start but quickly calms down as you drive. She goes in weekly drives with her doggy seatbelt.
Yaya is doing awesome in the apartment setting and does well in not barking at the noises of neighbors.
Yaya has been working on her greeting with people and is now keeping all four paws on the ground unless invited up.
Yaya is gentle with taking treats, though very food motivated which makes training easy. She does beg for food but sits politely next to you and recognizes when she will not be getting anything.
Yaya does not like the rain and will usually refuse to go outside if it is raining. She is not scared of lightning or thunder, just prefers to keep her coat dry. When bath time comes, she is reluctant but will ultimately stay in the tub if asked.
Yaya is very obedient. She regularly follows me around in the apartment but when asked to stay in her room, she listens. She'll sit at the entrance to her gate patiently waiting for me to come back. She recognizes that not all of the apartment is for her to roam freely and stays in her spaces which allows the dog she shares her space with to do his thing."

She was unsure of everything when she first arrived to us but it did not take her long to get over it and adapt. She quickly became a comical girl, full of love for life. Yaya loves belly rubs and chasing the ball. The more time you spend with her the calmer she gets.

Yaya still has a juvenile personality and benefits from structure and leadership. She is responsive. She wants to learn. She's learning biting inhibition and self control.

Being in a foster home has helped tremendously in teaching Yaya good behaviors. She is actually a very well-behaved young lady in a home-setting, easy to handle and eager to please. Her foster mom still doesn't understand why she has not been adopted yet. She's had many foster dogs throughout the years and Yaya is one of the best she's had on many levels.

Behavior with people:
She's fun-loving but still occasionally mouthy, although less and less now that she is in foster care and receiving proper structure and leadership.

When on outings, Yaya is always happy to meet new people. She becomes an absolute wiggle butt! Can be a bit jumpy but for the most part stays in all fours when meeting someone new.

At home with her loved-ones, Yaya is calm and affectionate and matches her energy well with everyone.

Behavior with children:

Behavior with other dogs:
She was briefly introduced to other dogs while at the pound and we were told that she was "selective". She is currently slowly integrated to the other dog in foster home, and has not shown any signs of aggression towards the little guy. He is very chill and easy-going and leaves her alone for the most part. Yaya might be more challenged or triggered by larger dogs and can be possessive of her "stuff' (i.e: toys, food, people, attention, bed, etc).

We wont rule out the right home with a compatible doggy-friend but Yaya will not be placed with another female. We believe an only-pet home would be the ideal situation for her.

From foster mom: "Yaya has had a very long and slow intro to the small dog she lives with. The little guy is older and does not play so Yaya is not super interested in him. She greets him through the gate or kennel but will usually keeps to her regular routine and doesn't pay him much attention."

Behavior with other animals:
Unknown - A home with cats is not recommended. That said, Yaya is not hard to control on leash when she sees a cat.

Yaya has been going to training classes and aced it! She’s very smart. Knows all basic commands but still needs work on the “give it” command for resource guarding (though she is improving in that regard). For anyone looking for an intelligent dog, Yaya is your girl! She loves to show you how she can lay down and wait patiently for treats.

Best Attributes:
Yaya is so loving and looks to her leader for love and appreciation. And you can fully tell, she absolutely adores her loved-ones and only wants to do right by them.

From foster mom: "Yaya is head-over-heels for her people and will do her best to please them. She is quite smart and because of this does very well at recognizing what her person needs at that time. She always knows how to get a smile on my face whether it be through cuddles, play, kisses, and of course her comical personality. She is the perfect dog to come home to when you need a pick-me-up."

Adoption Fee: $ 100
Breed: Pit Bull/Ambull
Sex: Female
Age: 1-3 yo
Weight: 45-55 Lbs
Health Condition:
Yaya is healthy and ready for adoption.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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