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Shazzan is a very large genie from the land of the Arabian nights. He is wise and jolly in nature, usually appearing with a cheerful "Ho-ho ho-HO!" and laughing playfully at the villains.

Background Info:

Shazzan came in as a stray from animal control. Neighbors in the area reported that he and a few other dogs were constantly loose and running the streets. Shazzan was neglected, malnourished, and had sores throughout his body. Thankfully, he was never claimed by his previous owners and therefore given a chance to find a much better home.

Adoption Fee: $ 200
Breed: Presa Canario mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1-3 yrs
Weight: 90-110
Health Condition:

Came in bad shape but blossoming into a striking looking dog. He has gained weight and his coat is healing from the hard life.

Like so many dogs from giant breeds, Shazzan was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia but surgery was not the recommended course of action. He might need pain management later in life. The vet also reported that he has muscle atrophy due to neglect, poor care, and unsuitable living conditions. Short walks were recommended to help him rebuild muscle mass.

Physical Description:

Shazzan is a BIG boy. We believe he is a fawn Presa Canario. He's very big-boned and should be well over 100 lbs when he's gained the weight he needs. His photos don't do him justice. He looks like a lion in person. Absolutely stunning!

Current Living Situation:

Soaking up love and good care at MPR shelter. This dog is a BIG TIME favorite with the volunteers due to his endearing personality. While he is quiet and patient in his kennel, he likes to re-arrange his bedding. He is non-reactive to the dogs next to him and isn't phased by the loud barking.


Big lovable goof! This gentle giant is a huge baby with a tender heart. Might have been born in the wrong body. He has the personality of a little bird but looks like a Mack truck.

Shazzan is needy and very affectionate. He likes to "gum" your hands and face if you'll let him. Very gentle mouth but a little annoying.

Shazzan is innocent, easygoing, and accepting. That said, he is becoming more and more confident as he feels better, and has started showing a more protective side.

Behavior with people:

The breed is known to be suspicious with strangers but we don't see that trait in Shaz, at least not yet. He is still young and might become a little more "guarded" as he matures. As of now, he's the one who needs to be guarded. We can picture him innocently following the wrong person and ending up in a bad situation again.

Behavior with children:

No kids! Shazzan needs a home with adults only. He has met a young child and was uncomfortable with him. In addition, Presas require vigilant, mature and responsible ownership. Please take the time to research the breed prior to making a lifelong commitment to Shazzan.

Behavior with other dogs:

Shazzan has not been around other dogs since being in our program. However, he was introduced to other dogs while at the city shelter and did well. He was again described as a gentle giant with no malice and had appropriate greetings and behaviors towards other dogs. Having said that, Shazzan is an extremely powerful dog and Presa's are known for their physical resistance. We recommend a home as an only pet for this powerhouse.

Behavior with other animals:



While Shazzan is just about as lovable as they come, he will require patient ownership and someone willing to teach him house manners. He's a work in progress. Shazzan was most likely an outside dog all his life and needs to learn the ropes of indoor living now.

Housebreaking is going well, but we're not there yet. He gets the concept of doing his business outside if given the opportunity but doesn't know how to ask to be let out yet. He has no qualms about relieving himself inside if needed.

This dog is too sweet and too accepting to be with someone who doesn't have the patience to work out a few glitches. He will learn in time but we can't guarantee there won't be a few accidents in the house until he has the concept down.

Shazzan probably had to find trash to survive wherever he could. He seems to think a trash can is where dinner is now, and is a little slow to understand its not the case. Again, patience and consistency will be key in helping this tender heart become a well-behaved companion. It will take a little bit of work. Last thing we want is to see him banned outside again.

Shazzan's potential owners should understand that despite having a great temperament and sweetheart personality, he's a work in progress when it comes to living inside. We believe this amazing dog is worth the effort.

Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for their care.

Adoption Fee: $ 200
Breed: Presa Canario mix
Sex: Male
Age: 1-3 yrs
Weight: 90-110

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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