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A Beanie Boo Panda you will treasure for years

Background Info:

Bamboo came into the local pound back in December in horrible condition. You could see his spine and entire ribcage. He was malnourished, sad, and defeated. Our hearts broke for him and what he has endured, but we knew he had great potential with a little TLC.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age: 2-4 years
Weight: 65-75 lbs
Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:

Stunning! Bamboo's beautiful blue and white coat with dappling on his face is show-stopping! He has an athletic, slightly stocky build, perfect for being active during the day, and then ready to be a huge lap dog at night.

Current Living Situation:

Bamboo is a wonderful guest at the MPR shelter. He is non-destructive, non-reactive to the other dogs around him, and well behaved overall. He keeps his kennel clean and uses his dog door to do his business in his outdoor run.


Bamboo is such a happy guy! He’s full of life and eager to please. He was so starved for food, attention, and love before getting to MPR that he CANNOT believe he gets all those things several times a day now! He acts like every day is the best day of his life and he's just so happy to be invited to the party of life! It's almost impossible to be in a crummy mood around this guy because his joy is infectious.

Behavior with people:

Bamboo has never met a person he doesn't love! Whether you're gone five seconds or five hours, it doesn't matter - Bamboo missed you and will greet you with an enthusiastic wiggle butt every time you walk in the room! He is loyal, loving, and affectionate. He's perfectly content to do whatever you want, as long as he can follow behind as your shadow.

Behavior with children:

Unknown. Bamboo has not been around children in our care, but because of his loving demeanor we believe he could possibly live in a home with children. After all, that's more hands to love on him, right?! That said, Bamboo often acts like a big puppy who doesn't know his size. He's a little jumpy when excited and could knock over a toddler. His goofball personality might also be a little too much for young kids. A home with older, bigger kids is preferred, and with parents apt at providing diligent supervision and keeping everyone under control.

Behavior with other dogs:

Bamboo is not reactive to the other dogs in the shelter environment and mostly unbothered when other dogs bark at him. He shortly participated in doggy-playgroups during his brief stay at city pound and the staff reported that he did great. We believe he'd be fine with having a compatible doggie sibling, and might enjoy having a friend to romp around in the yard with. That said, Bamboo's chipper personality and rambunctious play need to be taken in consideration. Not every dog will appreciate his enthusiastic energy.

Behavior with other animals:

Bamboo has had limited interaction with other animals while in our care. He has not shown signs of a high prey drive and doesn't pay much attention to squirrels or bunnies we spot while out walking.


A perfect gentleman on a leash. He isn't a puller and doesn't chase after any critters he sees. He knows how to sit and is working on other basic commands. Bamboo is a very smart boy and eager to please. Not to mention, he'll do anything for a treat! 😉

Best Attribute:

This dog is the total package! His unique coat is to die for, and his pittie smile is heartwarming. But to say his best attribute is his looks would be a disservice to his amazing personality and resilient spirit. He is the perfect representation of how powerful love and compassion really are. He has been through the worst and now he deserves to have the best, all the days of his life!

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age: 2-4 years
Weight: 65-75 lbs

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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