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Astrid Hofferson is one of the deuteragonists of the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise. She is a Viking warrior. She's smart, striking, and beautiful.

Background Info:

This gorgeous dog came into the city pound as a stray and was surprisingly never claimed. It's hard to believe no one came back for such a beauty, but perhaps having to get her spayed discouraged her previous owners. Their loss, our gain 🤷 Astrid is precious. We do not however, have any information regarding her past and upbringing.

Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Amstaff
Sex: Female
Age: 1-3 yo
Weight: 55-65 lbs
Health Condition:

Astrid is healthy and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:

Exquisite tri-colored beauty. This dazzling princess is definitely a head turner from head to toes. Astrid is medium size and perfectly proportioned. She takes after the Am Staff side of the breed, and looks like a show dog. Please note that Astrid looks MUCH better in person. Those pictures above were taken just as she arrived. She still had a bad coat, was thin and a little upset by her ordeal. In reality she is a happy goofball and truly splendid in person.

Current Living Situation:

Fostered in a home with adults and a middle-age, large shepherd dog. Astrid is crated during work hours but sleeps loose on the couch at night. She does very well in her crate. Foster mom reports no issues with her behaviors or personality, and describes her as a lovely guest.

There is a medium size yard with privacy fence in her foster home, which proves to be a good setup for her, as Astrid has a mild prey-drive. She is not an ideal candidate for a chain link fence with neighbors' dogs in adjacent yard(s).


Well-balanced energy level between chill and active. Astrid seems easy to get along with and appears to adjust her moods to her people.

A word from foster mom: "Astrid is a delightful foster! Her boundless love and enthusiasm is infectious. She has 10,000 kisses stored in her heart and bestows them liberally from cheek licked to casual leg swipes when greeting her foster parents (just to make sure they are ok). She loves to cuddle but is also happy to play with her toys. She is a quick learner and eager to please. She occasionally barks at the dog next door but quickly returns inside when called. She loves to go on walks but does not require them and is well behaved on a slip lead. She has learned "leave it" when distracted by a strange dog."

Behavior with people:

She's done great with most adults she's met so far, though a little timid with certain men. She has a protective side and needs time to build trust when meeting someone who is not comfortable with large dogs. Once she gives you her heart though, you better be prepared for a ton of love and kisses. She is affectionate, loving, and very dedicated to her loved ones.

A word from foster mom: "She is a happy girl usually outgoing but can be submissive when corrected. She prefers to know what expectations are and responds to the rules of the house."

Behavior with children:

Astrid would do better in a home with adults only or possibly mature teenagers. She is uncomfortable around toddlers and a little too strong for young kids.

Behavior with other dogs:

While Astrid does well with the older, calm, and independent Shepherd dog in her foster home, she is selective when it comes to unfamiliar dogs and requires a slow intro. She is not a candidate for dog-parks or family reunions full of excitable dogs. She needs time to get to know a potential doggy-friend, and under proper management by people who understand the breed well. Astrid will not be placed in a home with another female dog. With the right male though, Astrid could do well.

Behavior with other animals:

Mild prey drive. A home with cats is not recommended. She did give up on chasing squirrels in the yard, but will sometimes make a lunge at a squirrel during a walk. She does respond to the "leave it" command in those circumstances.


Astrid has a good sit and will come when called. She is trained to stay on the main floor of the home with no gate. She is very responsive to training and food motivated.

Best Attributes:

Astrid is a beautiful dog with a fabulous confirmation but her best attribute is her fun-loving personality.

Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Amstaff
Sex: Female
Age: 1-3 yo
Weight: 55-65 lbs

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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