Cowboy-Up! To make a determined effort to overcome a formidable obstacle. When things are getting tough, you get back up, dust yourself off and keep trying.
Our understanding is that Wrangler was confiscated from a difficult situation (most likely as an outside door without adequate food and shelter) and owner refused to pay to fine to get him back.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  N Male
Age:  1 to 3
Weight:  60 to 70
Color: Brindle
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats: N/A

Medical Condition:

The hard life as a neglected outside dog has left Wrangler positive for heartworm disease. He will begin his treatment shortly and should be back on his feet with a healthy heart within 6 weeks.


Living Situation:

It’s obvious that Wrangler had to “Cowboy Up” in his life. It’s also obvious that this stoic dog can’t believe his luck now. He seems amazed by the comfort and love he is now getting at MPR’s shelter and soaking it up. You can tell he’s trying to be as well-behaved and eager-to-please as possible to show his thankfulness.


Wrangler is learning everything about the good life; from sleeping on a comfy bed (he thought he was supposed to sleep on the floor at first), to being “inside”, to being invited on the couch for a cuddle (volunteers had to pick him up to show him how it’s done). He’s learning fast!



As if being a hunk was not enough, Wrangler has an awesome temperament and wonderful personality. He really is a charming gentleman and the whole volunteer team is falling for him already. So far he seems a little more on the laid back side, but we think he might start showing more energy as he learn he is now “allowed” to be happy. He is very eager to please and makes great efforts in winning everyone’s acceptance. A real loverboy.



Behavior with people: 

Still in the process or realizing he will always be loved from now on, and he is more than happy to give his love back to everyone he meets. It’s as if he had been waiting all his life for this moment. You can tell he was born a good, loving and very people-oriented dog.  He is thrilled to be able to be himself.


Behavior with children: 

We haven’t seen him around children yet. If he is as comfortable and loving with kids as he is with adults, he would make a fantastic family companion.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Non-reactive to the dogs in the kennels next to him. He seems a little unsure but we think he might actually do well with a compatible female. He would certainly thrive as an only pet as well.


Behavior with other animals: 




He’s already learning basic commands and he is learning fast. He looooves to make people happy so it’s very easy to reward him. He keeps his kennel clean and has already figured out to use the doggy-door to go outside for his business.


Best Attribute: 

We can’t say enough good things about this sweetheart. His beauty sure is striking but his eagerness to please, the way he looks at you with eyes full of love, that’s hard to beat. Wrangler is everything a great Pit Bull should be.

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