Close one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting.
Winky was rescued off the streets with an eye injury so severe, it was beyond repair. Her eye had to be surgically removed.  Winky has made a full recovery and has adjusted to life with one eye like a trouper. She is one joyful dog who definitely doesn’t let life’s obstacles get in the way to happiness.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee:  Sponsored
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Spayed  Female
Age:  2 to 3 Years
Weight:  45 to 55
Color: Blue
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats: No

Winky has an angel.  In an effort to help Winky find her forever family a generous donor has sponsored Winky's adoption fee on behalf of an approved adopter. 


Living Situation:

Winky is staying at our shelter waiting for the right family to come along! She is such a good girl and so well behaved that we have given her the “Princess Room” instead of a kennel. Her room serves as our office/playroom. There is a couch and computer desk and other furniture in the room. Winky has proven to have excellent manners, is not destroying anything, never has an accident in the room and keeps everything neat and tidy. We believe this angel won't need to be crated when left home alone when she lives with a new family.

Winky is agile and athletic so a home with a large yard with a tall fence would be ideal for her.

Winky is very patient and quiet and doesn’t cause any trouble for the volunteers at the shelter. She’s definitely a favorite.



Winky has a ton of personality and her smile is contagious. Whatever happened to her before she came to us, she has definitely put it behind her.  This delightful girl just wants to let us all know how much she loves life and how grateful she is to have been given this precious chance to find love. Winky has a lively and fun-loving disposition but she is not hyper. In fact, give her a few minutes of wiggles and waggles and she is rather easy-going. Of course, if you want to play, she’s on board, but she can find ways to amuse herself and not be overly needy. She will gladly follow you around and be your little shadow if you let her though.

Behavior with adults:

Winky is outgoing and full of life without being a spazz. She listens well and is very eager to interact. She is quite willing to please and has a sensitive side. You can tell when her feelings are hurt. She tries so hard to be a good girl. As explained above, Winky loves human interaction and attention but is not overly pushy about it. She’ll find a toy to amuse herself if everyone is too busy. If you’re up for a good game though, she will be right there with you. She likes to be the life of the party and let her fun-loving personality shine.

Behavior with children:

Winky is a friendly dog and she loves people, but she can get a little possessive of her toys if someone doesn't have strong leadership with her. Because of this behavior, we prefer a home with adults only for her.

Behavior with other dogs: 

Winky doesn't get along with other dogs and needs to be an only pet. She's amusing enough on her own anyway, and doesn’t need other pets to have fun. She much prefers the company of people. Winky can be reactive when she see other dogs while she is on a leash. The ideal home for winky would have a yard with privacy fence. 

Behavior with cats and/or other animals:

We recommend that Winky be an only pet. She seems to have a high prey drive and will chase cats and squirrels.


Winky is a quick learner, smart and she likes to make people happy. Great character traits for training! She is treat motivated and responds very well to positive training. Our volunteers are always working with the dogs to teach them how to be good pets and Winky loves the interaction. She keeps her area clean and is not destructive.

Best Attribute:  

Winky is adorable with her constant wink and unique looking face but her best attribute is definitely her silly personality. It is impossible not to smile when you see her play with her toys and zoom around the yard. She is such a sweet, cheerful girl; you will smile just thinking about her. 

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