The meaning of the name Vanessa is Butterfly. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life, a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.
Sweet little Vanessa was living in a muddy pen outside, without food and adequate shelter. She was filthy, starving and freezing to death. She also had several infected pressure sores from being forced to lay on concrete and gravel, with no fat on her body to offer any kind of protection againts to rough surface. Little did she know, her nightmare was about to end when Animal Control intervened. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  AmStaff or Pit Bull 
Sex:  Female
Age: 2 to 4
Weight:  45 to 55
Color: Blue & white
Good with dogs: Possibly
Good with cats: N/A

Medical Conditions: While the hard life has not affected Vanessa’s sweetness, it has left her with heartworm disease. She is currently undergoing treatment and all is going very well. Nessa should be heartworm free by mid-April.


Note: Just like a butterfly, Vanessa has metamorphosed into a beautiful princess under the care of her foster parents. Visit her Facebook Album to witness the transformation. Venssa weight only 35 Lbs when she arrived in our program eaylery January. She is now


Living Situation:  

Vanessa's foster family is a couple with two dogs (1 male and 1 female). Vanessa did great meeting her foster brother and they got along just fine. She is currently kept seprate due to her heartworm treatment that requires she stays quiet for 6 weeks. 


Her foster sister is a little more rambunctious and it has been better for them to stay separately. Vanessa stays at home with her foster dad who works from home. She likes to play outside in the yard and enjoys walks around the neighborhood. She loves car rides too!


Vanessa is working on being kennel trained but much rather be out cuddling with people during the day. She is good in her kennel at night provided she has soft blankets. She would do great in a home that would allow her to be out of the kennel as much as possible during the day, with frequent trips outside for some fresh air. Vanessa still has some hesitation about the kennel since she had some bad experiences being caged outside in her post-rescue life. She is learning to be in the kennel during the day while doing crate rotations with her foster siblings. She is oviously not too thrilled to be missing out on play time. 



 Vanessa is a sweet and mild-tempered girl. She absolutely loves being around people and once she is warmed up, she can't help but stay within a few inches of you to get attention. She is a goofball who has hilarious expressions and quirks (like her random displays of doggy yoga when she gets sleepy). For the most part she is content to lay around the house on a soft blanket or pillow (especially if there is a person nearby). Vanessa does have a hard time understanding that she isn't a lap dog. She would do best in a home with adults or bigger kids who don't mind a cuddle-bug. 


While being very laid back, occasionally Nessa will have a playful spark. for example; she has developed a love for chasing tennis balls and chewing on squeaky toys. For the most part she ignores other animals outside, such as the neighbor dogs and squirrels, so prey drive doesn't seem to be an issue.


She is timid at first with people, but after warming up she shows her loving nature. Strangers who make loud noises/sudden movements can scare her, but when she sees they aren't harmful, she will relax. . She is the ultimate cuddler and will be smitten with anyone who will give her snacks and belly rubs-- excessive kissing is very likely!


At first Vanessa is timid, but once she gets to know someone she starts letting her personality show. She is a goofy sweetheart that just wants someone to pet her and be near her. She is very easy-going and extremely cuddly. Loud noises and strangers can scare her and she might bark, but for the most part she is very well behaved. She hasn't met any children, but has loved every adult she has come in counter with. She is a mostly calm dog who will prance and jog around every once in a while. She is submissive to humans, but can react dominantly to other dogs. Her energy level is pretty low and she wouldn't need excessive amounts of exercise.


Nessa does not seem very interested in animals outdoors (squirrels etc) and seems content doing her own thing. She seems generally fearful of new environments, major changes, loud noises, or strangers outside the home. Some work with exposing her to new people and working on her socialization will help.


For the most part it seems like her ideal scenario is someone who will not be gone for lengthy periods of time, a cozy home with warm blankets, and someone to provide her with loads of attention and affection. Vanessa is a great dog and has endless amounts of love to share with a family and once she becomes comfortable will be a calm, loyal and loving pet. 


Behavior with adults:

Great, slightly timid to new people at first, but once she warms up she loves to cuddle and give kisses. 


Behavior with children:



Behavior with other dogs: 

 Nessa lives with her foster brother and sister (dogs) and ignores them for the most part. She met her foster brother and even though he is a bit of a grumpy old guy, they got along fine. Her foster sister is a little pistol so their meeting wasn't great-no major aggression though, just a personality clash. Vanessa's heartworm treatment requires her to be separated from the foster family's dogs to avoid over excitement. Ideally, when she's ready, she should be slowly introduced to a compatible male (also laid back).



Behavior with other animals: 

 Vanessa doesn't seem to care about other animals on walks and hasn't been introduced to any other animals besides dogs. She is very people-focused generally.



 Vanessa has learned sit very well. With her heartworm treatment, learning other tricks has become a challenge since treats get her very excited and wiggling all around. She has been housebroken for the most part, but still has a hard time letting people know when she needs to go out so frequent. Regular breaks outside are required. As mentioned, she is working on kennel training and doing fine, but it will need additional work for improvement. She is very eager to please and highly food motivated, so training does not seem like it will be very difficult at all. 


Best Attribute: 

 Vanessa was in very poor health when she was first rescued and has made amazing progress! With such a strong will to live, she has fought most of the ailments she arrived with and is doing much better. She is now spayed, wounds have healed, gained almost 20 pounds, has undergone heartworm treatment and is looking like a new dog! Nessa has become such a beautiful dog with a great, loving personality. In addition to being incredibly loyal, she is very people-focused and only wants to please the family she lives with. She is mild and sweet mannered, but has a spark of lovable goofiness that makes her immensely entertaining.


Vanessa would be a great family companion who is as sweet and cuddly as she is reliable. She is a true gem and will be sure to melt the heart of her new family, just as she has done for her foster family and everyone else who has had the opportunity to meet her! After coming such a long way, she is looking for a forever family to love her and help her forget about the awful life she left behind. 

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