Twyla is a is a freshman student at Monster High. If Twyla's personality was reduced to a single word, it would be "shy", which is due to being a boogeyman and living in the shadows. She appreciates sitting alone in dusty corners or being surrounded by shadows, and will almost always try to escape any situation she finds intimidating. Reserved and quiet, Twyla really dislikes being the center of attention. Twyla's shyness does not, however, mean she is unable to appreciate positive attention or enjoy a good laugh. It simply means her standards for feeling comfortable are higher than the average person's.

Background Info:

Twyla and 3 other dogs were confiscated from a difficult and neglectful situation. Luckily it was noticed that the dogs had no shelter, food, or water and were living a life no dog should ever have to.  They were brought into safety and we swooped up Twyla and her buddy Tigger when the city shelter staff put a plea for her. 


Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-2 yrs
Weight:  44 to 55 lbs
Color:  Blue 

Physical Description:  

Gorgeous blue girl with a soft coat and the prettiest eyes. Twyla might still have a tinny little bit of growing up to do and should reach average weight and size for a female Pit bull type dog. 


Living Situation:  

Twyla is fostered in a home with 2 older dogs and an 11 boy. She goes to work with foster mom about 3 times a week and does wonderful. She is exposed to all ages of people & lots of activity at work.

If she doesn't go to work, she stays home & is baby gated in the office or kenneled. We just started the kennel training & she does pretty good! 

She is improving with her car rides; at first very hesitant but is making great strides & will even jump in and out of car now. She is a little unsteady in the car so I always have her ride in the back instead of the front. I've left her in the locked car while going into the bank & she was great, no issues was just chilling when I came back after about 7 to 10 minutes.

We are just starting walks with her. She's a bit hesitant but getting better each time on a lead.

I have been rotating her sleeping in bed with my boyfriend & I and sleeping freely in the house. If she's not in bed with us she usually ends up sleeping on the couch with her blanket or in her doggie bed with a blanket. She almost always sleeps through the night and wakes up a happy little girl! She is definitely a morning doggie! She gets super tired at night after the sun goes down & likes to cuddle or sleep on the couch in the evenings before bed.

I think the ideal living situation would be a calm house with one or two parents, one or two chill and older kiddos and possibly one male dog. She does ok with my two males but prefers one at a time. She isn't affectionate with them, but occasionally will try to play with them but it doesn't last too long. She prefers people.

Twyla loves her tug toys the most, nylabones and stuffed animals although she tends to chew up the stuffed ones



Twyla is a total sweetheart and loves being loved! Once she start coming out of her shell, a fun-loving, playful girl points her nose. She is silly and flirty and quite adorable. 

Twila is energetic and lively but not rambunctious or hyper. She's very curious and eager to discover life but needs help with self confidence. She obviously was dealt a bad hand before her rescue but you can tell she very much wants to smile at life now. 

Twyla was having some anxiety issues at the shelter but has been improving everyday since we started fostering her and is going great! 

She is the sweetest little thing that loves affection from humans and loves to play with her toys. She adores my boyfriends 11 year old son & is always so excited & happy to see him when they get home at night.

Behavior with people: 

Twyla warms up to people she is familiar with and quickly becomes a fun-loving goofball. She enjoyed meeting all the volunteers at the shelter and the socialization is excellent for her. You can tell how eager she is to make friends. She is just still worried someone might have bad intentions towards her. We think she's definitely realizing that the bad life is over for good. We will update her bio with additional information as we monitor her progress. 


Behavior with children:  

Twyla is reserved, unsure or timid around little kids but does well with the 11 yo in her foster home. The child is calm, gentle and well behaved and Twyla actually enjoys his presence. Twyla might not be the best candidate in a home with very active,  exuberant or boisterous kids. She is a sensitive little lady.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Twyla has met dogs and does OK but she doesn't always know how to interact with them. She lights up around other dogs and it helps boost her confidence but she also gets easily overwhelmed by their presence. Her interaction with them is a little confused. Twyla is also not fond of sharing....

There are two other dogs in her foster home and she is allowed to interact with them but always strongly surprived. She doesn't have a ton of patience with the younger one. 


Twyla could maybe live with a laid back, easy going male provided the owners understand the breed well. Twyla would also do well as an only dog. She loves people more than other dogs, that's for sure.

Behavior with other animals:  

No cats please! 



We are working on housetraining. 

She seems to already be kennel trained so she doesn't have much of a problem going in her kennel. I put a small bowl of soft food, bones, toy, etc in & she usually goes right in. She will whine a bit at first but stops.

We haven't worked on any obedience training yet, just trying to get her acclimated first. She can sit for a treat.

Best Attribute:   

Her sweetness and she LOVES to play with her toys and is a silly girl! This pretty blue lady is absolutely adorable and sweet! She just wants to be loved so badly. She has such a cute little underbite and beautiful coloring. She has the cutest little wiggle butt when she’s happy and she smiles!! We are quite smitten by her and believe she will make an awesome companion for someone. She's no trouble at all, and so very sweet. 

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