Tony Tiger

“Put a Tiger on Your Team”
We don’t know under what circumstances Tony lost his home. We found this stunning dog at the city pound and his beauty definitely captured our attention. The staff only had great things to say about him so he quickly became a contender for our program.
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-4
Weight:  ~80 lobs
Color: Brindle
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  No

Living Situation:  

Tony was is fostered by a young man in a very small house with a small privacy fenced yard. Tony goes on very long walks when the temperature permits it. There are no other pets in the home. While the young man lives by himself, Tony meets people on a regular basis when on outings.


Tony is very a friendly boy who loves attention. His favorite thing is to sit on people’s lap, Lol. He has no idea how big he is. Tony is taller than average indeed, but very well proportioned. The dog is drop-dead gorgeous. His personality matches his beautiful appearance too. He’s a real Prince Charming.  

​The big boy has a fun-loving side too. When playing, he looks like an overgrown puppy who hasn't quite discovered his own size just yet. He’s very endearing and easy to fall in love with.

Tony is friendly with people but he will let you know if there’s an intruder around the house. He seems pretty good at getting his cues from the owner.

One noticeable trait about Tony is his cleverness. The dog is smart and he knows it. In the right hands, Tony will be a superior companion that will not only turn heads, but will also impressive with his well-mannered demeanors and remarkable intelligence. Tony however, might not be the best choice for someone who is not used to a strong, powerful dog with well above-average abilities.

​​​​Behavior with people: 

Tony is great with people, loving and affectionate. This loyal dog quickly gets attached to his family. He had anxiety issues while living at the shelter but it disappeared as soon as he was moved into a foster home. He is now a relaxed, well behaved companion, who can spend long hours alone in the house without problems. A real gentleman.

While Tony is very easy-going most of the time, he occasionally gets a little too enthusiastic when meeting people, especially when he’s on a walk.  He’s a big, strong boy, so jumping up on people like an unruly puppy is not his best moment, Lol! We’re working on it.

Tony’s level of energy is intermediate but he’s very adaptable. He’s pretty content doing whatever you are; be that active or couching. He’s able to go on very long walks, he loves car rides, but is also great as just laying down on his dog bed with a toy and chill.

Behavior with children:

Tony has briefly met older children during a recent visit and did well. He is a big boy however and could accidently knock over a toddler. For the most part Tony is an easy-going dog but he does have occasional disorderly moments. We believe he would do better in a home without toddlers or small children. Older, bigger kids and teenagers should be fine.

Behavior with other dogs: 

Tony was a little stressed out by the other dogs at the shelter. He didn’t show signs of aggression towards hem but didn’t seem interested in making friends either. The big guy would make a great only-pet since he’s such a people-dog but perhaps he could live with a compatible female. We don’t recommend having him around other male dogs due to his intimidating and potentially challenging appearance.

Behavior with other animals: 

Tony’s down fall is his prey-drive towards cats. He’s pretty serious about it and might even try to bolt out the house if he sees a cat outside. There are feral cats being fed nearby his foster home and Tony definitely becomes stimulated by their presence. A home without cats is a MUST for this tiger.


We think Tony was a house companion before his rescue. He has great manners. He is perfectly housebroken and nondestructive. We are unsure about his ability to be in a crate though. His foster dad doesn’t use a crate with him.


Tony knows basic commands and would love to learn more. He is very intelligent and enjoys using his smarts. He’d be a great candidate for obedience training and might be able to get into advanced training. He’ll make you proud.


Best Attribute:  

Equally matched by his beauty, his size and gorgeous brindle coat, Tony's intelligence and loving, silly personality are truly one of a kind.  A rare find with a ton of potential. Beauty, personality and dedication. Don’t let him pass you by…​

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