Tisha Roo

Tisha Roo Bushtail is a kangaroo character in Extinctioners. She is a feisty wife and mother who'd much rather be a loving mother than a fighter (but when loved ones are threatened, she's proven to be quite fierce). She's an expert with the boomerang.

Background Info:


Miss Tisha-Roo was a stray brought to Kansas City Animal Shelter. To everyone's surprise, she was never claimed. Intake staff had fallen in love with her silly ears and happy personality and put a plea out for her to come to our program. 

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color:  Blue Fawn Buckskin

Health Condition:

Healthy, spayed, vaccinated and ready for adoption.


Physical Description:  

Medium size, blue fawn velvety coat, very muscular and well proportioned. Tisha is a heck of a beauty and her silly ears add to her charm. 


Living Situation:  

Tisha spent time at MPR’s shelter but has recently been moved into foster care and has blossomed into quite the adventurer. She likes to go on outings with her foster mom, either riding co-pilot in the car, or exploring the city on foot. Check out our recent social media posts to see some shots of her in action!

Note from Tisha's foster mom: "She has open reign of the house at night but prefers sleeping in bed with me. She loves to be with her human when they are home and will happily share a seat with you. However, when she does need to be home alone there is no complaint and she happily goes in her kennel and waits patiently for her human to return with no signs of anxiety."



VERY outgoing, fun-loving, energetic and playful. Tisha is people-oriented and loves a good time. She's confident without being defiant. She's super smart!


Tisha is quite enthusiastic when it comes to greeting's but learning to control her eagerness. She's a pretty typical happy pitie, comical and playful. 

VIDEO: Bubble bath!!!  | Rolls & Grunts

Behavior with people: 

Loves all people. Greets everyone with ardor and spirit. She is a little jumpy. We are working on it. Sometimes she's just a little too-happy-for-her-own-good, but nothing that is not commonly seen with the breed. Overall, Tisha is a fun-loving gal, comfortable in her skin, and always in a good mood. 

Note from Tisha's foster mom: "Her adaptability is amazing. Tisha has high energy, however she really knows how to read a room and make sure that her engery level matches. She has settled in so quickly and gotten used to day-to-day routine as a house pet."

Behavior with children:  

We haven't seen her with children, but her disposition is outgoing and cheerful. She's not shy or standoffish. That said, a home with older kids is preferred due to her jumping and energy. With leadership and consistency we dont anticipate this behavior to become a long-term issue, but she is definitely exuberant when meeting people and not great at recognizing her strength. Tisha will not be placed in a home with toddlers and small children, but would love a house full of teenagers! 

Behavior with other dogs:  

She's a pretty typical Pit Bull. Confident and high-spirited. Tisha will not be placed with another female. Might be ok with a compatible male who'd let her be the queen but only with someone who has a good understanding of the breed and knows how to supervise and manage high-strung dogs. No dog-parks for this funny-lady. She wont back down if challenged by other dogs and she is VERY strong and determined.

Note from Tisha's foster mom: "Tisha could do well with a compatible male dog, preferably one that will let her dominate the house and be pack leader. She is a bit headstrong at times, so introductions to other pets should be taken slowly. She shows interest in other dogs we meet, but her body language oftentimes reads playful as opposed to defensive."

Behavior with other animals:  

Tisha has an appetite for cats, squirrels, and rabbits so a home without smaller animals would be optimal for this girl.


She's a smart girl and very enthusiastic for anything fun. Turn training into a good time, and she'll be right into it!

VIDEO: Obedience Training Class

UPDATE: Tisha has been enrolled in obedience training and as we expected, she is acing it! She loves to be engaged physically and mentally and is super sharp. Tisha completed Obedience 1.0 and is currently learning the limits of her body and spacial awareness via pre-agility classes. Balancing acts, beams, ladders, etc. She will be learning to “read” (recognize commands from a cue card) next class in order to improve her formidable intellectual abilities. 

VIDEO: Smarty-Pants

Note from Tisha's foster mom: Tisha is very responsive and has gone through obedience training before. She will be taking more classes during her stay. She knows many of the basic tricks and listens attentively to the person instructing her.She is housebroken as well as crate-trained and does great at both."

Best Attribute:   

She's GORGEOUS! She's SMART! She's ATHLETIC! and we love a dog who's appearance and brain match their fun-loving personalty.  That's the case with this entertaining beauty. Although her pictures make her look more serious than she is. Tisha Roo is a fun-loving gal with a clown-like nature who loves to have a good time. Provide her with a good outlet for her energy (large yard, long walks, training, etc.) and the next best thing is cuddle time with loved-ones. 

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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