Background Info:


Timon found himself homeless after his owner left him in the care of someone else never to return.  The lady whose care he was in was unable to keep him and he was signed over the shelter.  Shelter life overwhelmed him as he is a sensitive little guy so we immediately  placed him in foster care where he is thriving. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  50-60 lbs
Color:  Red Brindle

Health Condition:

Timon is a healthy boy but he has seasonal allergies, not uncommon  with Bully breeds.  We  addressed 

stress-related skin issues when he first came into our program and his coat is all healed up now he's well

cared for.  Occasional soothing bathes and a diet specially  formulated for sensitive skin would be ideal for

this adorable redhead. 



Physical Description:  

Timon is 60 pounds, which is is average size for a blockhead.  He has a beautiful red brindle coat and the

softest pity ears. To be honest, he is so much better looking in person.  He would rather snuggle than have

a camera following him around.


Living Situation:  

Timon is fostered in a home with two human adults, an older doggy sister and a cat.   


Timon might have lived in a house at one point but we're not sure. He seems familiar with the noises houses make and he does well going up and down stairs. That said, he is rather insecure about new situations and needs help coming out of his shell. 

Timon has gone on errand runs and did well. He was even our little people-greeter at a Chipotle event recently and did awesome. He definitely stole a few hearts. He enjoys going to the coffee house up the street to get some loving from the owners. He sits politely while his foster parents sip their morning joe. Timon is weiss walkie and gentle leader trained at this point. He does well with both. Timon loves car rides and sits and stares at all the other cars with a smile.  

Timon sleeps curled up to his foster mom most nights. Some nights he sleeps in his opened crate, gated into his foster mom's room. During the day Timon is crated. While his crate has become a safe haven of sorts, it has not always been this way. He is no longer really afraid of the kennel - just doesn't love being in it closed.


Timon will need patience as he does suffer from separation anxiety. An ideal living situation would  be a home with an outgoing female dog to be his security blanket. His owners will have patience and a caring heart, and understand his sensitivity. 


 Timon is easy to handle and has a medium to "couch-potato" energy level. He will lay in bed with you all day if you want but he's also happy to play. He is very responsive and eager-to-please with a submissive personality.

Timon is a little reserved, unsure or timid when meeting new people or when exposed to new situations but he warms up with time and patience. We would describe him as a laid-back sweetheart with a sensitive soul. Despite being abandoned by previous owners, he still tries to see the good in all humans.

Timon is excellent at self entertainment. He will play with his toys for hourrrssss and lets his foster mom study - She sometimes forget he’s under her feet.

Behavior with people: 

Timon is timid with new people so his foster parents are working on helping him understand no one will ever hurt him again. Everyone who meets Timon greets him with a piece of chicken and a hand to sniff. Timon likes to observe how people move and hear their voice for a bit before he accepts their pets. It takes some time but once Timon is comfortable, he is reaaalllyyyy comfortable. Like "curl-up-in-the-guests-laps-and-passed-out" comfortable! 

Timon  adores his foster dad but needs a little more time to warm up to men in general. We are making progress as he let the vet tech give him a belly rub at his last appointment. Definitely not something he would have done two months ago!

Behavior with children:  

No kids please. Timon has shown multiple times that kids make him very uncomfortable. They move too fast, they are loud, and they bring new people into the home that may not know how to behave around a dog with a hard past. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Timon shares his home with an elderly female who is currently having health issues. He loves his foster sister and has been the perfect little brother to her, sweet and almost nurturing, as if he understood she is not doing very well and needs gentle support. 


We believe he would love a home with a younger female that can play with him. He often looks to his foster sister for reassurance.

Timon also has a small-sized doggy-friend he does awesome with. He adjusts his play for her size effortlessly.


In fact, we believe a home with a compatible doggy companion would be ideal for Timon as other dogs help him come out of his shell. He thrives in their presence and seems reassured. A female companion might give him the courage he needs about facing life. 

Behavior with other animals:  

If "cat-Pitbull-savvy" is a thing, that is what Timon will need to live in a home with a cat. He is constantly trying to engage play with the cat in his foster home and is not responsive to her swats. He needs human redirection to get him to stop. Luckily, the cat has lots of places to hide. 

Tim is very interested in bunnies and squirrels. He caught a baby bunny his first night here and was half a second away from catching an adolescent bunny. The gentle leader has helped with this.


Timon sits by the back door when he needs to potty *heart eyes*. He also wakes his foster parents up promptly at 7am to potty. He beats the alarm most days!

Timon walks well using the Weiss walkie and gentle leader. Timon knows that he does not get pets until he sits politely. He is incredibly eager to please and responsive.​

Timon can heel up, “leave it", sit, stay and come. 


Best Attribute:   

Snuggle skills! Timon is an expert! He positions himself perfectly every time. He will seriously cuddle with you all day/night long.​

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