Tigra is a fictional American comic book super heroine in the Marvel Comics universe. 
Tigra was confiscated from an abusive situation. She had a collar so tight on, it started embedding into her neck. Thankfully, like all good Pit Bulls, Tigra doesn't hold a grudge at all. She is very eager to give her heart to everyone who wants it. And she sure is easy to love... 
ID Number:  #28661538
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex: S Female
Age:  2 to 3 y/o
Weight:  ~ 50 to 60
Color: Blue Brindle
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats:  NO

Living Situation:

Beautiful Tigra spent a few months at the shelter before being transferred to foster care. She was quiet in her kennel and non-destructive. Tigra showed no reaction to the dogs kenneled next to her. She is now fostered in a home with two other dogs and is doing great with them. Foster dad is a dog trainer and has strong leadership on everyone. Tigra is learning good house manners and proving what a great dog she is.



Very fun-loving girl. We call her "The Princess Clown". The dog has no malice. Her personality is a great combination of sweetness, silliness, rowdiness and timidity.  She loves to make people laugh and it looks like she's laughing with you. She is a little unsure when introduced to new situations but super outgoing once used to a new environment. She is always full love for life and so grateful for the precious chance MPR has giving her.


Behavior with people:

She lights up in people’s presence. You can see the love in her eyes and the excitement to cuddle or play. Indeed, The Princess Clown is very friendly and always eager to make friends with everyone she meets. She’s not much of a guard though despite her intimidating appearance. She has a playful side and can get a little boisterous when her happy spirit takes over, but she is very responsive and easy to control.  She gets just as content to cuddle and will happily get into “couch potato” mode if its the mood you’re in. Best of both worlds.


Behavior with children:

Tigra has not been around little kids since being with us. Keep in mind that she’s a big stocky girl. Tigra is a happy goofball though, so we think a home with active, playful and older kids would be great for her. She seems quite tolerant, has a stable temperament and is always in a good mood. She can get a little rowdy if encouraged to play hard though, but she's easy to control. Parental leadership for both children and Princess Clown is a must. Tigra does tend to jump up on people so toddlers could get knock over. She has been known to use her mouth when she gets in “too happy for her own good” mode, but that behavior is easily controllable via leadership and structure.


Behavior with other dogs:

Tigra was unreactive towards the other dogs at the shelter, though she seemed interested in meeting them. She has recently been introduced to the dogs in her foster home, two older, well-behaved Pit Bulls. Foster dad assures good supervision and keeps everyone under control. Especially Miss Tigra who might be a little more anxious to roughhouse than the elderly dogs would like. She has not shown any sign of aggression towards them, but we believe she might be somewhat dominant with other dogs. Tigra will not be placed with another female but she might be able to live with a compatible male in a home that understands the breed very well and agrees to proceed with a proper introduction and always supervised the dogs well.


Behavior with other pets:

She spent a few days in a home with cats and was a little too stimulated by their presence. She was awesome when the cats were not around, but just having them in the room next to hers seemed to stress her out.



Tigra is learning basic commends and soaks up positive leadership. She is a smart dog who was never given the opportunity to learn before her rescue. She is eager to show her smarts, especially if the reward is a fun-time or a tasty treat.  She is currently learning crate training and has made great progress with house breaking.


Best Attribute:

For one thing, Tigra is absolutely beautiful. Like, head-turning striking. Kind of dog who will draw attention everywhere she goes and be an amazing breed ambassador. The very best thing about her though, is her friendly nature and her amusing personality. This Princess Clown is a real treasure.

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