Tank McNamara

Tank is as a buffoon ex-professional athlete turned  multi-sport broadcaster and reporter, Tank McNamara played college football for "Enormous State University"   

Background Info:

Tank was brought into the city shelter by a concerned citizen. He came in emaciated, weighing only 45 pounds. Poor guy was lethargic and not feeling well. That was then. His life is much better now and it shows. Tank is already up to 65 pounds.  He is happier than ever, feeling right at home with us and thrilled by his new life. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AmStaff
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  60-70 lbs
Color:  Blue

Health Condition:

Tank is doing well at the shelter and getting his weight up to where it should be. He has no health issue, though his coat is still a little dull from the neglect he suffered prior to rescue. We can see the new coat growing through and its gorgeous, healthy and shinny.

Physical Description:  

Tank is a drop-dead gorgeous blockhead! He's stocky and muscular and still gaining weight after his ordeal with starvation. He's currently shedding the "bad-life coat", which is being replaced by a shiny, healthy and gorgeous blue coat. And look at that smile!  


Living Situation:  

Tank is a very happy boy at the shelter. Obviously he thinks this is heaven compares to how he lived before.  He keeps his kennel clean & patiently waits for his turn to come out and play.



Tank is very outgoing & playful, and we stress it. That guy is a fun-loving, rambunctious clown and he is hilarious. It's impossible to keep a straight face around him, which sometimes makes it difficult to be taken seriously by the goofball. Trying to do training with a happy ding-dong when you're laughing your butt-off doesn't work too well and he knows it. 


The dog has absolutely no malice however, and he's too funny to be mad at him. He just needs leadership and to grow up mentally. He's a huge puppy who never had a chance to be a puppy before so he's having a blast with life now. Nothing that cant be managed with proper training and structure. 

Overall the goofball is very outgoing, super friendly, loves everyone and despite being a little unruly at times, he's not hyper or irritating by any means. He's actually a lot of fun.

Behavior with people: 

Tank loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him too. He is easily excited when happy but he's learning control. This dog never had a proper relationship with people until now so he acts like an overgrown puppy.  He is receptive to leadership once you get his attention. Tank might do better in a home with experienced dog owners and/or people with good leadership skills.  


Behavior with children:  

Tank has not been introduced to children. We believe he could do well with older kids since he's such a happy goofball, but in the right home where there is room to exercise, vigilant parental supervision and consistent training. Children over 10 are preferred as he could knock over a toddler with his happy antics. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Tank briefly lived with another dog while waiting for space in our program and did well. A home with a compatible female who would not let him overwhelm her by his strong personalty and frolics would be fun for him. He would also thrive as an only pet if he has enough exercise and attention. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Tank had a very brief and limited cat-introduction where he was placed in front of a cat in a cage and he did ok.  The results are very inconclusive however. What we know is that he didn't act overly intense or aggressive at sight but it doesn't really confirm if he could live with cats or not. We're leaving this to potential adopters to determine and they need to be aware of the risks. Pit Bulls are Terriers and Terriers are know to have prey drive. 



Tank is working on learning his manners. He is just so excited by everything that he requires some extra time & patience with training. He is working really hard to "sit" and "stay", but boy this new place is so great, he just can't always contain his happy energy. He's trying though. You can tell he wants to be a good boy and the potential is definitly there. 

Tank does great in his kennel, keeps his bed made and politely waits for his turn out with volunteers. He uses his doggie door to potty outside & does not bark at volunteers or others dogs walking by. Tank loves treats as a reward, so he thinks training it's a pretty great activity!

Best Attribute:   

Tank's smile and absolute enthusiasm for life is contagious! You can't help but smile with him & love watching him run around,  not knowing what to do next because everything is so fun and amazing! Tank also thinks that toys are the coolest, and makes sure that he finds every toy in the playroom & puts them in one pile.


Tank can't wait to find his forever home & dreams about all the new & exciting things that await him! Sense of humor a must! 

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