The name Tae means "great". Tae is an American country signer, member of the duo, Maddie & Tae. 
Adora-bull little Tae was rescued from a difficult situation when she was only 6 or 7 weeks old. She had been left outside in the heat without adequate shelter. Someone found her in that condition and brought her to the fire-station. ACO was immediately contacted, and Tae brought to safety. She has fully recovered from her ordeal. 
ID Number:  #
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  S Female
Age:  7 to 10 wks
Weight:  Growing
Color: White with tan/blue fawn
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  N/A
Living Situation: Tae is fostered in a home with adults, teenagers and two other dogs. There is a large fenced yard in her home.  
Personality: Silly puppy with a happy personality. Somewhat a little sensitive in new situations but she warms up quickly. She is a little more on the dominant side, but very smart and eager to please.  


Behavior with people: Tae is outgoing for the most part, but still a little unsure of people's intentions at first. We cant blame her.  She had a rough start at life.... She's getting over it though, now that she is surrounded by people who care. We think she will be just fine as family companion, though she might do better in a home with adults or older, respectful children. 

Behavior with children: Tae has not been with little ones since being with us. She is fostered in a home with a teenager and she loves her. 


Behavior with other dogs: Tae currently lives with two adult pit bulls and is learning social behaviors. She was a little pushy at first, but has been humbled down a notch by the older dogs. We believe she could live with another compatible male dog, but might end up being top-queen one day


Behavior with other pets: Tae has not been around cats or other small animals since being with us.


Training: Foster mom and dad are working on training. She's doing awesome! She does well in a crate and housebroken is in progress. She already knows sit and is very eager to learn more. Sharp little girl, full of potential for obedience training.


Best Attribute: She's very cute. Mostly white with tan patches and blue fawn markings. Very unique. She's also a nice and very smart puppy who learns well and likes to please her loved-ones. 

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