Suri is a young lemur and a supporting character from Disney's film Dinosaur.
Though she has the cutest pouty face, Miss Suri is one happy girl. She has a very positive spirit indeed, and fun-loving nature. A real little clown. Dont be fooled by the serious expression. Meet her in person. She's all but serious.
ID Number: #25166897
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull/Boston 
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 2 to 3 years old
Weight: 45 lbs. 
Color: Red with some white
Good with dogs: Possibly
Good with cats: No

Living Situation: After being at the shelter for a year, Suri found a foster home!! Her foster family lives in the suburbs with a 5 ft chain link fence on 3 sides and a 6 ft wood fence on the 4th side. Suri has shown no interest in jumping the fence. She loves to run around in the yard and play with her foster parents. Suri gets a daily walk, which she loves, and she's easy to walk. She spends 6-8 hours during the day in her kennel when her foster parents are at work and keeps her kennel clean. She's sleeping in her kennel at night as well. Suris two favorite things are to play with a tennis play or to cuddle on their laps. Suri is housetrained. Suri does great on car rides and loves going for rides. She doesn't beg when they have food out unless it's bacon. Suri would be great in a house with a yard OR an apartment because she loooooves walks.


Personality: From her foster mom: "Suri is a silly, playful, athletic girl! She wants to be where the people are; she loves cuddling on the couch, playing fetch, or walking around with a ball in her mouth. She's an active girl but enjoys a couple of hours of cuddling a day. Suri will chase birds and small animals in the yard but stops at the fence. She's very well behaved in the house and has been a great guest so far."


Behavior with people: Suri loves meeting new people. She's super friendly and people-oriented. Quite the social butterfly. Everyone is a long-lost friend and nothing beats having fun in life. She is a regular at our Meet and Greets around town and always has charm to spare! 


Suri is also a great cuddler and is very affectionate. She has a sweet and gentle nature and loves spending time snuggling next to her loved-ones. 


Behavior with kids: Suri has met several children in our neighborhood of all ages and sizes. She does great around children and lights up when she sees them. We think Suri would do great in a home with or without kids. She loves all people!


Behavior with other dogs: From her foster family, "We have slowly introduced Suri to our male with crate and rotate and parallel walks. Suri will be able to live with a compatible male with slow introductions and constant supervision. She would also be great as an only pet!"


No cats please!


Training: Suri is excellent on the leash! She loves going on walks. She's an energetic young girl that benefits from exercise but she is not hyper. Suri is eager to please and likes to learn new tricks. Suri loves to play and it's a great reward for her. 


Best Attribute: Suri has pouty lips but she smiles with her eyes. She is totally irresistible and promises to make you laugh on a daily basis. She really is a super fun-loving dog!

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