Stumbo the Giant is a fictional character who lives right next to Tiny Town. Everyone loves him, despite his tendencies to keep them awake with his loud snoring, or to shake up the town with his laughter or by accidentally stomping or falling on the ground. He never means to do these things and always has Tiny Town's best interests at heart.

Background Info:

Stumbo first came to our program in 2018. He had a rough life before MPR, chained-up outside, starving, at the mercy of the elements, infested with parasites, unloved, etc. Basically, the poor doge lived a life no one deserves. He thought he had it made when he found a loving home a few months later, only to be surrendered back to us recently when his owners moved. He's been taking the loss of the only family who ever loved him extremely hard.... 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Am Bulldog/Pit Bull 
Sex:  Male
Age:  3 to 7 yrs 
Weight:  65 to 75 lbs
Color:  White & Brown

Health Condition:

Stumbo is healthy and ready for adoption. We did however, put him on a mild dosage of Fluoxetine (Prozac) to help him cope with losing his family and trying to adapt to shelter life.  His current situation is very hard on him but he's trying to handle it as best as he can. We're doing everything we can to help him. 

Physical Description:  

Stumbo seems to have some American Bulldog in him. He's a rather large male, with big bones, a stocky body and a sizable head. It is possible that Stumbo could be accepted in municipalities with light BSL as an american Bulldog mix.


Living Situation:  

Stumbo is currently doing his very best to accept the fact that he lost his home and is now living in a homeless dog shelter again. This heartbreak is quickly taking its toll on him so we're hoping someone will soon give this lovely dog a second chance. We'd hate to see him deteriorate and lose hope.

Right now he's good in his kennel, keeps it clean and doesn't cause problems. He uses his doggy-door if he needs to go potty but prefers waiting for his turn in the yard. 

Bo is not reactive towards the dogs that walk in front of him and doesn't engage with rowdy dogs next to his kennel. All he wants is a chance to cuddle with the volunteers. He just mopes in his kennel until then. 


Stumbo didn't know what the good life was all about before his rescue but he sure knows it now.. And he just lost it all over again....  He is obviously very distraught and heartbroken. This dog needs a new home ASAP. He is deeply grieving the loss of his family and breaking our heart. 


Stumbo's level of energy is very leveled. He has a naturally easy-going personality and is more on the laid-back side of things. He's definitly not a marathon runner but he enjoys going on walks and playing.


Bo is somewhat submissive but he is not shy. He LOVES people's company.  He is very affectionate and a little sensitive but not in a bad way. He's just a sweetheart who craves reassurance and hugs and loves to please his people. 

Stumbo does very well on a leash and in the car and is calm and gentle. He has come out of his shell since his rescue and his charming personality has emerged. He loves to play out in the backyard or chill on the couch.


Behavior with people: 

Stumbo is as sweet as they come and a great companion. He greets loved-ones and strangers with the same approach and sweet smile in his eyes. This dog really is a sweetheart. 


Bo is the kind of dog that likes to be at someone's side at all times. He has yet to meet anyone he doesn't like! He is great around all people, very friendly and enjoys all the attention he can get. He seems to have a soft spot for men but is also a ladies' man. Overall, he loves to spend time with anyone that will give him the love and attention he deserves.

Behavior with children:  

Stumbo has a great temperament and is calm around children. He would make a great family pet with older, respectful children that will treat him well. His last family told us that he loves kids.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Stumbo did well with the other dogs in his foster home when he was in or program a few years ago. He snuggled-up next to them to nap and loved to play with them outside. He lived with a small dog for the last few years and was awesome,


A home with a compatible female would be great, though Stumbo would also enjoy being an only pet provided he's getting a lot of attention. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Stumbo is a bit overly curious when it comes to cats and smaller animals. He was fostered with cats a few years ago and did not always seem adept at picking up on their cues to leave them alone.  It is not recommended that he lives in a home with cats unless the owner is very dog/cat-savvy.  



Stumbo has great recall and knows basic commands such as sit and lie down. We were told he is housebroken and kennel trained. He keeps his kennel clean at the shelter and doesn't have any accidents in the playroom. 


Best Attribute:   

Don't apply for Stumbo is you are looking for an independent companion. This darling dog wants to be your faithful shadow. If you want a gentle pal who will always be at your side, Stumbo is the guy for you! He is a committed pal and absolute sweetheart. He's also very chill, laid-back dog that would make a perfect family pet. He is super easy to handle, even for someone less experienced with the breed or large dogs.


This Casanova is a gem provided you have enough time to spend with him. Bo loathes being alone and we hope for his sake he can find someone who has plenty time to spend with a dog. He will be THE most loving, grateful and loyal companion. 

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