Stevie Ray

Stevie was found in Swope Park several years ago and brought into MPR's program. He was adopted quickly and recently found himself back at our
shelter after his owner suffered some health issues and needed to return him. The transition was a bit tough on him but we are noticing a new ease about him as he gets used to shelter life and more love.
ID Number: #28213141
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 5+ years old
Weight: 50-55 lbs. 
Color: Blue brindle and white
Good with dogs: Probably females
Good with cats: Probably not

Living Situation:

After spending 1 1/2 years at our mini-shelter, Stevie got the best Christmas 2016 gift- a foster home! Stevie lives with 2 adult humans and 2 adult dogs. They live in the suburbs of Kansas City and have a 5 ft chain link fence on 3 sides and a 6 ft privacy fence on the 4th side. Stevie has shown that he can jump fences in the past and always needs to be watched, which isn't a problem because he only goes outside if someone goes with him. Stevie very much loves people and looks to them for reassurance. He will always be at your side. He enjoys snuggles on the couch, laying in a patch of sunlight, or playing with toys.


Stevie does have anxiety and separation anxiety. He does best if he is slowly intoduced to new things in life. His foster parents set up a kennel in their bedroom so he can sleep next to them and he loves being apart of the pack. When his foster parents are at work, he's kenneled in a plastic travel kennel near his foster siblings' kennels. Stevie will eventually meet his foster siblings, but right now, we're going at Stevie's pace for everything. 


Stevie could live in a home with or without a fence. He is very well mannered on a leash and enjoys going on walks. Stevie is a smart guy and enjoys mental and physical work outs. 


Stevie is a giant love-bug! He wants your attention however he can get it - whether it's cuddling right next to you or hanging out while you clean - he is definitely the type to follow you right into the shower if you let him. We think this is because his owner was unable to give him the attention he craved and we hope that as soon as he gets his confidence back,
he will be a little more independent. During his time with volunteers, he has grown to love leash walks and is responding well to training. He's not destructive and loves to play with Kongs...although his favorite game is 'see if I can fit in your lap.'

Behavior with adults:

Stevie has never met a stranger! He is cuddly and kissable with everyone and like a typical pit bull, just wants to be loved.
He's gentle, sweet and wants to be everyone's best friend. He loves to play and chew on his bones. Stevie is always happy to see our volunteers during his time out of the kennel. 

Behavior with children:

Stevie becomes easily overwhelmed and would be best in a home without children.

Behavior with other dogs:

Stevie is slowly meeting his foster brother (10 year old mutt) after 3 weeks or so of crate and rotate and lots of walks together. We think Stevie will be fine with a calmer, compatible dog. Stevie wants to cuddle on the couch and cohabitate instead of playing with other dogs. 

Behavior with cats and/or other animals:

Stevie has a bit of a prey drive so he needs to be placed in a home without small animals (cats, rabbits, etc.).


Stevie walks well on a leash, doesn't pull and walks at a comfortable pace. He's very eager to please and can do basic commands, especially if he knows there will be peanut butter at the end. Stevie is relearning house training and knows to use the outdoor access to go potty. Stevie has the ability to escape from low fences and will need constant supervision when outside and preferably a 6 ft fence. 

Best Attribute:

Stevie is so resilient, given that he had a home and lost it. We can't explain to him why he is now in a kennel when he used to be a pet, but he seems to be adapting and that's all we can ask of him.

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