Stetson hats: the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty.
Stetson's sweet smile and teddy bear eyes captured the heart of our intake team and they swooped him up to find the good life! 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit mix
Sex:  M
Age:  1-3
Weight:  40-45 lbs
Color: Chocolate brindle
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown

Medical Conditions:

Stetson tested positive for heartworms and will begin treatment as soon as he gets settled into his new routine.


Living Situation:

Stetson is currently staying at the MPR shelter awaiting heartworm treatment (and/or a foster home!). Stetson is no trouble in his kennel; keeps it clean, is not destructive, waits patiently for his turn, and is not reactive to the dogs that walk in front him. He's a real little trouper! 



He is the sweetest, silliest guy you could imagine! He is still getting used to shelter life and can be a little clingy. He likes the volunteers to brave the cold with him at potty breaks and never strays too far. 


As Stetson is coming out of his hell, he is revealing a playful and out-going personality. He’s proving to be a lot of fun!


Behavior with people: 

Stetson assumes (correctly) that everyone is there to love him and he should always be the center of attention. He is not a fan of alone time and would happily follow you whereever you go. He is pretty new to our program so we are still getting to know him and as he starts to feel better, he may become a little more independent but it's a safe bet that he will do his best to make sure his family knows where their priorities should lie. 


Stetson is friendly with everyone and expects everyone to be friendly with him. Not much of a guard dog. More like a happy-clown!


Behavior with children: 

He hasn't been around any kiddos since joining MPR but he's such a sweetheart it's hard to picture him not loving anyone that loves him back! He can be a little rambunctious at play-time but nothing that can’t be managed with proper leadership.


Behavior with other dogs: 

He is not reactive to the other dogs in their kennels at this point. He could possibly live with a compatible female with a proper introduction, but we know he would not be upset to be the main man in your life. 


Behavior with other animals: 




Stetson does a great job keeping his kennel clean and our volunteers are working on basic training with him. He is smart and responsive. Should be easy to train. 


Best Attribute: 

Definitely his personality, but his eyes and pittie smile are a close second! He exudes love and fun all over the place and will capture the heart of anyone who meets him. Not to mention his small size that makes him a great companion even in a smaller house.

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