A force or principle believed to animate the soul. An attitude marked by enthusiasm, energy, or courage. Strong loyalty or dedication.
Something really bad happened to Spirit before we rescued him.  Thankfully, his nightmare is now over. He is safe in our care, has gained much needed weight and rebuilt a healthy coat and skin. He will most likely carry the scar of his ordeal for life, but his “spirit” was unscathed.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  AmStaff Mix
Sex:  M | Age:  2-3 
Weight:  55 to 65 lbs
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: Probably ok with females
Good with cats: Probably not

Health Condition:

Spirit is healthy; however, he has a deep scar on the back that will probably be there for life. We are not exactly sure what happened to him. We can only guess. We actually took in 3 dogs with bad burns on their back, spine, rear and/or top of the head last summer. Our research raised the possibility the dogs were victim of severe sunburns, due to being forced to bake in the sun with no shelter. In addition to the lack of protection from the elements, probable malnutrition at the hand of their abusers caused their coat and skin to form inadequate defense against the burning sun. As a result, the sunburns penetrated deep into the skin, causing second and third degree burns.

Spirit’s convalescence lasted several months but he is now back on his feet with no major sequel other than a large scar on his back and itchy skin. ​That said, because of the itchy skin on his back, Spirit tends to chase his tail. We think that since his tail is curled inward instead of extended behind him, the tip tickles the bare skin on his back. His foster dad rubs the skin with hydrating lotion. He loves it!

Living Situation:

Spirit is fostered in a home as the only pet. He lives with a single young man who enjoys going on long walks. Spirit couldn't be any happier. He adjusted to being an indoor, much loved pet, like a pro. The relief was obvious!  


While he is a big fan of the inside life, Spirit still loves to play in the yard. It would be great to see him go in a home with a large fenced yard provided its tall enough for him. Spirit is very athletic.  He could also do well in a home without a fence, provided his family takes him on regular long walks. He looooves to go on walks.

Spirit is mildly reactive towards other dogs, but it might be more in a frustrated way than anything else. He doesn’t understand why he can’t play with them. He seems eager to make doggy-friends but has not been introduced to any since being in our program. 


If you couldn't see the scar on his back, you would never know this guy had any problems in life! He is full of fervor, love and happy drive! Spirit is a smart dog with sharp eyes and a keen "spirit".  He is energetic but responsive and not overly hyper. He does enjoy cuddling, especially in the evening after a long happy day or activities.  When it’s time to cuddle, he'll lay right on top of you if you let him, with a big sigh of contentment.  

​Spirit is very athletic and might be a great candidate for physical activities such as Agility sport or Frisbee. He will do better in a home with a tall fence, preferably 6' wooden privacy. He could also be placed in a home with no fence at all if his owners take him on long walks. Might even be a good running partner.

Behavior with people: 

Spirit loves people! He just KNOWS we are all here to love him and he wants to make sure we know how much he loves us too. He is very outgoing, fun-loving and always in a good mood. He’s comfortable with everyone the same. Not shy at all.


Spirit is the kind of dog who has decided that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... and mix it with sparkly tonic!


Spirit is responsive and thrives on positive leadership. He’s super smart and we think he would be an amazing candidate for obedience training. The kind of dog that would quickly ace the commands and make you proud.

Behavior with children: 

Spirit is still learning how to be a pet so he might not yet have the best manners to be around small children. No malice though, just a lot of happy-drive. We think that with structure, leadership, and a good outlet for his energy, he’d make an excellent family companion.  He is full of potential.


Behavior with other dogs:

Spirit has not yet been introduced to other dogs since coming into our program but he seems eager to play with them. He does get a little frustrated that no one wants to play with him, but nothing out of control. We think that he has the potential to do well with a compatible female, as long as she is young, playful and tolerant.  Spirit is a bouncy guy!


Behavior with other animals: 




Spirit is working on basic commands, manners, and the ins and outs of "pet life." He is thrilled to show everyone what a good boy he is once he gets his wiggles out of the way. He is very intelligent and alert. He has keen eyes and a very sharp mind. He’s a fast and eager learner, and loves to demonstrate his obedience skills.

Spirit should be crated when home alone. A smart dog like him can easily get bored. He will require a solid crate - MPR has kennel recommendations for you if interested.


Best Attribute: 

His name truly says it all. There is nothing that can keeps Spirit down. He will happily show anyone what a beautiful, sweet and positive spirit he really is. 

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