Snuffleupagus is Big Bird's best friend on Sesame Street.  Snuffy was originally modeled after a woolly mammoth and he weighed 572 pounds and 5 ounces at birth! That's one big baby!

Background Info:


A good citizen found Snuffleupagus roaming the streets and brought him to the shelter. This boy has had a rough go and clearly had an owner that did not care for him. He came in very thin and is battling skin issues.  He is currently underweight but has put on some pounds since being at the shelter.  He is ready for a better life and we are happy to help show him the good life. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  4-5 yrs
Weight:  77 - 80 lbs
Color:  Bown 

Health Condition:

Snuffleupagus's coat is in bad shape and he is currently being treated for Demodex.  He came into the shelter underweight but is slowly getting up to a normal weight for his build.  We are excited to see this sweet boy transform into the gorgeous dog that we know he is. 


Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for his care. 


Physical Description:  

Snuffy might very well be mix with Boxer or maybe French Mastiff. He's taller than average for a Pit Bull and his snout has more wrinkles. It is possible that Snuff would be approved in a municipality with mild BSL. 

Living Situation:  

Snuffy is making the best of what life has to offer at MPR shelter. Definitely a huge step up for him and he is thrilled with the good care and love he is receiving. Snuff is still getting used to his kennel but being a good sport about it. He's learning how to maneuver through the doggy-door to potty in the outside part of his run and he doesn't destroy his bedding. He is not reactive to the dogs that walk in front of his kennel and he's not overly interested in them when its his turn to get out. He's way more into people!



Very people-oriented. For a dog who has obviously been greatly mistreated at the hands of humans, Snuff holds no grudge. He's just very glad to finally have human friends and does everything he can to earn people's love. And he is very easy to love indeed. 

Snuffy has a laid back personalty. Puppy-hood is behind him but he still has a young heart full of love. He's a dog who's seen a lot and has been through more than many but it didn't beak his spirit. Instead, his ordeal might have helped build his character. He looks tough and he acts stoic but there's a big loving mush in there who loves nothing more than be able to express his soft side. 

Behavior with people: 

A real sweetheart, very people-loving. We can only imagine how miserable a dog like him must have been to not have anyone to love. He probably waited all his life to finally experience human love. He's soaking it up now. 


Please dont expect Snuffy to be a guard dog. He's way too people-friendly for that.  He will be a very good looking dog when he's back in shape and we hope his new family will be very protective of him. We never want to see him fall in the wrong hands again. 


Behavior with children:  

Unknown but we have no reason to believe Snuffy would not do well in a home with kids. That said, for his sake, we prefer a home with older, gentle and respectful children.

Behavior with other dogs:  

This sweetheart has been introduced to compatible dogs and did well. We  believe that Snuffleupagus could be paired with a compatible female canine. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Snuffy briefly met a cat and did very well. He was mellow and way more interested in people. This guy might be a candidate for a home with a cat. Please understand that our cat-tests aren't 100% conclusive. There are risks involved in bringing any Terrier in a home with cats. 



Info coming soon

Best Attributes:   

His forgiveness is remarkable. His big heart full of love. His fun-to-kiss smooch face!! 

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