“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles M. Schulz
Snoopy was initially pulled from the pound last spring after coming in as a stray. He was about 10 to 12 months old then. He was adopted out but recently lost his home due jumping a low wooden fence. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Bull Terrier mix 
Sex:  N Male
Age:  ~ 2 yo
Weight:  40 to 50
Color: White with blue patches
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats: Possibly

Living Situation:


Snoopy went to foster care after being returned by his adopters for jumping a low fence.  We were told he was very independent and not a cuddly dog.  His foster family however, found that to be the complete opposite!  He is a shadow dog that wants to be right by your side.  He is definitely a cuddler.  When lounging on the couch or bed, he loves to be touching his people in some way.  It is very sweet.

Snoopy spent a few months in a home with two other dogs and did well.  He does however, resource guar his food and occasionally his toys. Supervision is a must.

Snoopy was kenneled when home alone and did good about going into his crate without any issues.  He slept in the bed at night and didn’t get into any mischief during the night.  Two teenagers lived in the home and Snoopy did great with them.  The backyard had a 4 ft wooden fence that he could jumped.  Because of this, he was *always* supervised when in the backyard or put on a tie out.  Snoopy has been on a few outings, but he does seem to get car sick, so he mostly stays home. 

Snoopy eventually had to be transferred back to the shelter due to foster mom’s work hours changing and increase travel time. This little guy has gastric issues and needs a home where someone is home a lot so he can go outside on a regular basis. 12 hours in a crate is definitely not good for him.




Snoopy has a very easy going, sweet personality with his loved ones.  For the most part he is outgoing,  loves people he knows well and is on the submissive side.  When you start petting him he will melt onto the floor for a belly rub and give you a sweet smile.


Snoopy can be timid and unsure with new people, but this does seem to be improving.  He will bark at new people until he is sure about them.  Once he knows they won't harm him, he is ALL LOVE!!   He is not hyper, nor a big couch potato. He sits somewhere perfectly in the middle.  He really behaves according to what his people are doing.... If it is bedtime, naptime, or couch time he is totally up for just chilling out.  If you are up doing things around the house, he will be keeping a close eye on you.  He really just wants to be with his people. 


Behavior with people: 


Snoopy does well with all adults he has met.  If you are happy, he is happy. Like stated above, he may need a few minutes to warm up to new people but then he will do his best to make them fall in love! 



Behavior with children: 


He can be a little rambunctious with smaller children.  Nothing malicious, just excited puppy playing.  He will calm down pretty quickly. Snoopy is uncomfortable with young kids he doesn’t know well though, and will retrieve until he is better adapted to their presence. A slow and proper introduction is recommended. A home with respectful, older kids is preferred or adults only.

Behavior with other dogs: 


While in foster care, Snoopy lived with a female pitbull and was is his constant companion.  If his people are busy, he is content to play tug of war with her or just cuddle with her.  He does not show dominance to her unless it is feeding time.  Feeding him in his kennel keeps everyone happy. 


Snoopy also lives with a 6 pound female chihuahua and he is very submissive to her.  She sets her boundaries and Snoopy respects them.  The backyard fence is shared with a female German Shepard that lives next door.  Snoopy loves running up and down the fence line with her but will come back into the house when called.


Behavior with other animals: 




Snoopy is housebroken and crate trained. He will hold it as long as he can and let you know that he needs to go out.  Due to his IBD however, he needs frequent access to outside. Not his fault. He also need a special diet. 


Best Attribute: 

According to his foster mom, Snoopy's best attribute is all the love he has to give. He is truly the sweetest little guy who will melt your heart with those loving eyes and adorable bat ears. He is devoted to his people and all he wants in life is to be close to them.

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