Get your Smokey on! 
Smokey was originally found chained to a firetruck at a local fire station, hence the name “Smokey”. Smokey was placed in a home last fall, but the owner was no longer able to provide proper care for him. Smokey is now back in our program and not holding a grudge at what life put him through. Throw him a lemon and he'll make the best lemonade... Life is too short to sweat the small stuff :-)
ID Number:  #21477014
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  PitBull/AmBull 
Sex:  N Male
Age:  2 to 3 yo
Weight:  ~ 55
Color: White with a black patch
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  Probably not

Living Situation: Smokey is a highly adaptable boy who bounces back quickly from different situations. When with MPR last year, he resided in a boarding facility for a few months, where he was part of a large doggy playgroup. He received great socialization. He is currently living at MPR’s shelter but will be transferred to a foster home shortly. We will update his bio soon. 

Personality: Smokey-Boy is very outgoing, playful, silly and full of charm. Loves to play in the water. The happy-go-lucky Casanova will even jump in the shower with you if you let him! 

Smoke is somewhat energetic and would do great with an owner who likes going on walks, or someone with a big fenced yard to play. Note that Smokey can jump a low chain link fence. He needs to be supervised when outside. 

Smokey has a resolute personality and can be a little insistent when he wants something. He loves to be praised however, and is VERY responsive to treats. Strong leadership, combined with positive training, work great for him. He’s the best when it comes to learning tricks and loves to amuse the gallery. He's a smart little guy, tenacious, with good drive and energy.

Behavior with adults: Smokey is very friendly with everyone he meets. He’s a puppy at heart and soaks up life with all his little heart. Smokey is very playful but he has his cuddly moments too. He loves nothing more than playing with his human or doggy friends. He is energetic but is not hyper or nervous. Just cheerful and enjoying life with laughters.

Behavior with children: Smokey loves kids! He’s a big kid himself, which means that he can be a little jumpy at times, and occasionally mouthy. A home with children 8 or above is preferred.

Behavior with other dogs: Smokey has a bit of a hard time containing his great enthusiasm when he has a chance to play with another dog. As a result, he seems to overwhelm some of them a little, or push their button. He just needs to learn to control his happiness and better respect doggy social manners. We're working on it. We do believe he could share his home with a compatible female dog, although he would do very well as an only pet as well.

Behavior with cats and/or other animals: He tries to play with cats and most kitties don't like his enthusiastic attention. We'll say his interaction with cats is borderline at best. He could perhaps live with dog-savvy cats if owner provides strong supervision but we think he would be better off in a home with no cats.

Training: Smokey is very smart! Knows sit, shake, down, wait, leave it, and if you say "cool it" he stops playing with the other dog and lays down for a second. Smokey is still a puppy at heart and needs to mature. He is learning by leaps and bounds though. He does well in a crate provided he is not confined too long. He is making a ton of progress and we think that in the right hands, Smokey could become a fantastic companion. He does very well on leash.

Best Attribute: His fun-loving nature and his adorable "Pete-the-Pup" look. Everywhere we take him people comment on how cute he is. You can't help but smile when Smokey is around. His happiness is contagious :-) He's up for anything; Playing, going on a walk, cuddling, you name it! 

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