Having a cheerful and happy disposition; smiling. A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

Background Info:



Found as a stray, brought to city shelter and never claimed. We have no idea why. Smiley is such a fun-loving little guy with the most positive energy! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex:  Male (neutered)
Age:  2-3 Years
Weight:  45 to 55 Lbs.
Color:  Red with White

Health Condition: 

Smiley is neutered, vaccinated and healthy other than occasional bouts of allergies that cause his eyes to get irritated. Those episodes are easily managed with medication when needed. 

​Physical Description:

Such a cutie-pie! Wish he was more photogenic. His pictures dont do him justice. Smiley always has an irresistible happy grin in the face, hence his name. He is slightly smaller than average for a male, very well built and athletic. 

Living Situation:

Smiley is living at MPR shelter, being a real little trouper. He does well in his kennel and uses the doggy door to let himself out when needed. He is not destructive of his bedding. In fact, he's the best behaved dog at the shelter. Always quiet and patient in his kennel, and completely unphased by the chaos or the other dogs barking. He is not reactive to them and very responsive to the volunteers. We wish all our guests were as well behaved as this little guy! 

UPDATE: Smiley has been transferred to a foster home. He lives with a young man in an apartment and has been doing as good as we expected.


Note from foster dad: "Smiley does well on outings. He is very interested by new sites and sounds. He does well in the car. Smiley does very well on lead and ignores all other dogs. He is reactive to cats however.  Smiley currently is not crated when alone. He respects where he lives and is not destructive. He sleeps very well at night, after he is settled down. Seems to be very polite when eating and respects boundaries. I believe that the ideal home for him would be an active family. I believe he would do well with young children but parents will need leadership to address possible jumping when excited."


Outgoing, always in a good mood and ready to be in the middle of the action with everyone. Smiley's positive energy is contagious and he makes everyone happy around him, A real little morale booster. 

While Smiley is an energetic little guy, he will settle nicely with a toy and occupy himself. He seems to enjoy playing a little more than cuddling right now but he sure looooooves people. He's comfortable with everyone and wants nothing more than make new friends. 

Smiley's energy level is moderate.  He is not hyperactive but he is lively. We bet he would love to go on very long walks and wouldn't have a hard time keeping up. 

While super friendly, Smiley is not clingy. He loves to be close to people but he doesn't need constant attention. He is very patient and very well behaved. We can leave him in a room alone and wont come back to a disaster. He absolutely loves to chew on his toys or carry a ball around. He's a real sweetheart. 


Behavior with people:

We must stress how friendly this little guy is. ​He is very people-oriented but again, without being too needy. He loves to have fun and is always ready for a good time. If you're too busy, he'll just grab a chew toy and leave you alone. He's definitly a people-dog though.


Behavior with children:  

Smiley hasn't been with kids since being with us. He's comfortable in his own skin though, and we think he would enjoy a home with children. Older kids are preferred since he is athletic and playful and really into his toys. While he's great with adults, young children dont always know how to read dogs and could misinterpret his intentions and misjudge his reactions. 

Behavior with other dogs:

He does well with compatible females but likes to play hard. Not every dog will appreciate his "Joie de vivre". A home as an only pet would be great, unless the owner is experienced with Terriers and Bully breeds and know how to manage the dogs' interaction. His foster dad re[ports that Smiley has met several dogs on their outside and was always friendly and eager to interact positively. 

Behavior with other animals:  

Foster dad has seen strong reaction to cats. A home without cats is preferred.  



Really smart guy! Sharp timing, bright spirit and very eager to please. Training should be a lot of fun and Smiley has the potential to ace obedience classes. ​

Best Attribute:   

It has to be his irresistible smile and cheerful personality!  Just being next to him makes you as happy as he is. He's like a breath or fresh air after a hard day at work. 

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