A true hearted hero who never let the loss of a silly hand get in the way of finding his destiny.
Skywalker was most likely hit by a car and was reported to animal control by a good samaritan. One of his rear legs had to be amputated 5/11/16 and he is recovering with his new foster family. 
If you would like to donate to the cost of his surgery, please click the link at the bottom of the page! Any amount helps us keep Skywalker and dogs like him happy and healthy! 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit mix
Sex:  M
Age:  1-3
Weight:  45-50 lbs
Color: Blue and white
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown


Living Situation:

Skywalker lives in the suburbs, his foster parents have a fenced in back yard, 5ft chain link on 3 sides and a 6ft privacy fence on the 4th side. Sky lives with 2 adult humans and 2 adult dogs. Sky does great on car rides, he prefers to sit shotgun to be next to his foster mom. Sky is housetrained and spends 6-8 hours in his kennel while his foster parents are at work. Sky sleeps in his kennel at night which is right next to his foster parents bed. Sky loves to lounge on the couch while recovering from his amputation. He's starting to get his energy back and becoming more playful. He's just the happiest guy. 



Sky is the happiest guy! Nothing holds his excitement for life down. He's still in recovery mode, but it becoming more playful. Sky absolutely loves visitors and meeting new people.  


Behavior with people: 

Sky loooooves people! Everyone is his best friend.


Behavior with children: 

Sky hasn't met any kids yet but we don't see that being an issue. 


Behavior with other dogs: 

Sky has met his foster siblings, a senior large male mutt and 4 year female pit bull, and we think Sky would do well in a home with a compatible female. They are constantly supervised when together, but enjoy each other's company. 


Behavior with other animals: 

Sky hasn't met any other animals yet.



Sky has started going on walks. He's doing great walking on 3 legs and is working on his leash manners. Skywalker is very eager to please and is food motivated. 

Best Attribute: 

Sky's best attribute is his attitude. Having his leg amputee hasn't slowed him down one bit. The vets office said he was smiling the day after his surgery. He's a happy guy that just wants to be loved. 

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