Silvermist a.k.a."Sil" (for friends) is a Water-talent fairy. She is delightfully offbeat and has an upbeat way of looking at everything. She’s an easygoing soul who is eager to please and makes friends easily. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched.
Silvermist was confiscated by animal control and has been with MPR for a few months, thankful for a second chance at being a cherished pet like she deserves!
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  2-3 years
Weight: 50 lbs.
Color:  Blue
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:   Silvy is undergoing heartworm treatment but is handling it like a champ.  She will be re-tested in about 4 weeks and will be ready for a furever home just in time for summer.

Even if you can’t adopt Silvermist, you can still help by donating for her care.

Living Situation:  

 Silvy is loving life as a foster daughter!  It is much easier to keep her calm during her heartworm treatment if she's in a home rather than MPR's shelter.  She lives with two male resident pit bulls who are both old and uninterested in Silvy - she has picked up on their cues perfectly and leaves them alone when they don't want to match her playful energy.  She has house/kennel trained and does great with letting her foster mom when she needs to go outside.  She explores the backyard and talks to the neighbor dogs but then wants to come right back inside.  They will work on leash training when Silvy is allowed a little more exercise.  Silvy sleeps in the living room on the couch at night and isn't disruptive at all.  She loves to chew on her Nylabones and cuddles up with the blankets when it's time for bed.  She also gets free reign of the house while no one's home because she has proven herself as a non-chewer and doesn't try any funny business like her foster brothers do (such as trash exploring or sock eating). Silvy had to have been kennel-trained in her former life because she seems comfortable in there.  Sometimes, with the rotations among her foster brothers, she ends up in the kennel while her foster mom is at work and she's never had an accident and always keeps her space tidy.


Silvy is a short, stout barrel of fun! She only stands a few inches off the ground, but she has the gumption of a dog three times her size! She would happily trade a bone for a belly rub and is loving life with the attention of the volunteers.   She loves to show off with her zoomies in the backyard...and the playroom...and hopefully your backyard next!

 If you're looking for a playful goof, Silvy is your gal!  She's lovable and cuddly but once she's allowed to play more, she will surely need an active family to keep her busy.


​​​Behavior with people:    

She takes direction very well and is eager to please.  She needs reminders that not everyone is as friendly as she is but once she is told to relax a little, she will cuddle without licking.  Her highest priority is being loved on so as long as she gets a little attention, she's good to go!

Behavior with children:     

Silvermist is pretty outgoing and would love a family of children to play with.  We think she might be best in a home with older kids rather than wobbly toddlers.


Behavior with other dogs:    

Silvy recently met her foster brothers and was completely unphased by them.  They ignored her and she wanted to play but understood that they weren't the playful types (they're old and grumpy).  Since she is not aggressive with them whatsoever, we think she can easily live in a home with a compatible male.

Behavior with other animals: 

Silvy hasn't been around other animals but doesn't seem to have much of a reaction when she's outside among smaller critters.  We have no way to guarantee cat compatibility but we think she could learn to live in a home with other pets.



She hasn't had much training in her past but we are working on simple commands.  She is house-trained and needs some work on the leash but she is treat-motivated and a people-pleaser so we think she will catch on quickly!

Best Attribute:   From her foster mom "Silvy is the best foster we've had in a long time.  She couldn't be an easier house guest - she's fine with the fact that my dogs don't want to play and there is never a dull moment with her goofy personality and giant smile.  She doesn't make messes in the house and is the best welcome wagon after a long day at work.  Her best attributes have to be her expressive face and loving cuddles. If you ever need a little pick-me-up, she's right there for ya and always brightens the mood." 

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