The seashell is associated with love and family. Seashells symbolize the emotions and movement of the unconscious sources of peace and harmony due to their associations with water.
We are unsure how Seashell ended up at the pound, but what we know is that it was impossible to leave her there after looking into those big pleading eyes! She’s an angel of love!
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  S Female
Age:  1 to 3
Weight:  50 to 60
Color: Blue Fawn
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  N/A

Living Situation:

Seashell has settled into shelter life quite nicely. She keeps her kennel clean, uses the doggy-door to potty in her outside run if needed and waits patiently each day for her turn to snuggle with the volunteers. She loves to soak up the one-on-one attention and is quickly becoming a volunteer favorite!



Seashell is currently getting over a cold so she is a little more subdued right now than we suspect she really is but her personality is starting to come through and she is a total sweetheart. So far, she seems happiest laying on the couch next to her volunteer, chewing on a bone. After she gets back to full health, we suspect she will be excited to do whatever her human is doing: going for walks, working in the garden, lazing in front of the tv, as long as she gets to be near you! 


Behavior with adults:

Seashell seems to love anybody and everybody! Easygoing and full of love, she is just about as precious as they come!


Behavior with children:

We think Seashell would be an excellent addition to a family with children. She can be a bit timid when things get loud so may need a slower intro to help her get used to smaller family members, but she has so much love to give, is gentle and very tolerant.


Behavior with other dogs:

Unknown at this time. We do hope that Seashell could do well in a home with an easy-going male. She is non-reactive with the dogs in the kennels next to her, even those that are acting when she walks by. It’s very possible that she would enjoy sharing a home with another compatible dog, as long as she still gets her fair share of human love! She is definitely a people-dog.


Behavior with cats and/or other animals:

 Seashell has not been cat tested at this time.  



So far we haven’t done any official “training” with our little Seashell but she is about as easy-going as she can be.  We do believe she is house-broken and she seems very eager to please. 


Best Attribute:

Seashell is a great dog and has everything is takes to be a great breed ambassador. She is a beautiful dog with the sweetest nature. She will quickly worm her way onto your lap and into your heart! To meet her is to love her.


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