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Schweppes came to us after being confiscated by animal control.  Once told he needed to have him neutered in order to get him back, the owner chose to leave him at the pound.  Schweppes’ beauty and bubbly personality caught the staff’s attention and they contacted us. The fun-loving boy fits right in with MPR’s family.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Mix
Sex:  M
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color: White w/ blue
Good with dogs:  Probably
Good with cats:  Unknown

Living Situation:  

Schweppes is being fostered in a home with 3 adults and one teenager. He loves bouncing and running around the backyard. We have gone on a couple walks through the neighborhood. Schweppes is working on leash manners. He is just so happy, it's hard for him not to go, go, go.  He is crated during the day while we're away and at night when everyone is sleeping.


Schweppes is still full of energy. He would do best with an active family and older kids.  He is a lovable goof with lots of happy drive. Schweppes still acts juvenile and puppy-like but he is full of potential. He’s a smart and imaginative boy and will amuse himself with whatever he can find if no one has time for him.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Schweppes has the typical goofball personality of a pit bull. Though he's a goofy happy-go-lucky guy, he is learning to control his exuberance. He loves to finally be given the opportunity to act like a dog and play, play, play but he is receptive to leadership. He picks up on cues and isn’t combative or defiant. We believe he would do very well as a family companion in a home with older, active kids. He is very much a kid at heart so we can only imagine how much he would thrive being in the middle of the action with everyone.

Schweppes is super friendly and knows no stranger. In fact, everyone is a long-lost friend. He enjoys meeting people, the more the merrier.  He’s even a little naïve about it, so he’s the kind of dog that will need to be supervised so nothing bad happens to him. Don’t leave him alone in the yard! He’s athletic and resourceful and could find his way out. He would then happily follow just about anyone anywhere, no questions asked.  

Schweppes is the kind of dog that will spend hours playing with the kids or a doggy companion and then happily plop himself in between everyone on the couch to watch a movie. He has quite a bit of puppy energy but he is not hyper. He would do better in a home with a fenced yard or with active people who like to go on walks.


Behavior with children: 

Schweppes met kids a few times at the shelter and was as happy to be with them as everyone else. We believe he would love a family to help him get all his wiggles out every day! He’s given us no reason to require a home with adults only, but he can be puppy-rambunctious at times. He might accidentally knock over a toddler. Schweppes will most likely outgrow this behavior with proper training and leadership but a home with older, bigger children is recommended for now.


Behavior with other dogs: 

Schweppes is fostered with a 3 y/o female and 12 y/o male. He hasn't been fully introduced to his foster siblings yet. We have been working on slow introductions. His interest in his foster siblings has only been playful in nature but he comes off a little strong. He has gone on a couple of walks with his foster siblings that went very well. Things are progressing nicely. 


Schweppes did live with a male sibling until recently, and we were told he was a little bossy with him. He’s been briefly introduced to other dogs, and again, he seemed somewhat dominant with other males. We think he might be ok with a compatible female. 


Behavior with other animals: 

He met cats quickly and seemed a little too interested. He might do better in a home without cats.



Schweppes foster parents are working on house training, basic commands, and manners. We are also utilizing the "no free lunch" concept. He's learning quickly and is very receptive to commands with and without treats.  He loves the positive reinforcement he gets when he listens, and we think he'll be a pro in no time! Schweppes is amazed by everything he sees when he goes on walks. He loves discovering life, now that’s his given a chance to explore. He’s alert and curious. He seems sharp and appears to have good response timing. He would be a great candidate for obedience training.


Best Attribute:  

There isn't an unhappy bone in Schweppes' body. He just loves everyone and everything! His happy drive and positive spirit will brighten your days. It’s impossible to keep a serious face when he’s around.  Schweppes enthusiasm for life is contagious and uplifting.

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