Can you say heartthrob?  This cutie is putting out the vibes and ready to find a home to call forever!
Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  3 mths 
Weight:  Growing 
Color:  Black 
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption.​

Living Situation:  

Schmidt is fostered in a home with two adults. One female dog and one female cat live in the home. He has a fenced yard to enjoy. During nice weather Schmidt enjoys walking and is learning leash manners as well as "heel."  Schmidt has been on multiple outings, strolls through the Plaza, and invited into some stores as well.  Schmidt is kenneled when no one is home and at night. If someone is home, he is supervised.  He is unsure about the car still, but building confidence with more errand running.  Schmidt needs someone with energy.  A family that would be willing to take him on daily jogs or hikes would be a great fit for him. He would also be great as a family pet with children that have manners.  Schmidt is a VERY clean puppy. He will make a distinct whine if he needs to potty. If he does potty in his kennel, he covers it with blankets or folds the potty pad over the mess. He has not destroyed bedding. He whines a little when placed in the kennel but settles down after a few minutes.


Schmidt is easy going. He is very silly. He is growing so rapidly, he trips on his paws sometimes. If you have had experience with pitbull puppies, he is on the easier side. CUDDLY. Well behaved. He is very observant. He watches what his foster sister does then either replicates the behavior or looks to a human. I would say he is in the middle. He likes to play and will ultimately submit to the big dog. He looks up to humans when making decisions but is overall a confident puppy. He has middle energy. Once he is exercised, he is super chill but high energy mornings.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Schmidt knows no strangers. He loves to meet new people. He has met men, women, tall people, short people, and loud people.

Behavior with children:  

Schmidt has played with a four year old who has good doggy manners. Played a variation of “fetch”. Would do well with respectful children. Has not been around rambunctious children. Has been pet by teenagers on outings.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Schmidt has a foster sister (pitbull) who is pretty tolerant of young puppies. She is teaching him the rules of play. He sometimes pushes her a little too far but takes correction from her well. Overall, he looks up to her. She leaves dogs alone on walks, he leaves dogs alone on walks. She doesn’t chase geese, he doesn’t chase the geese. Met a toy poodle and played for a bit. His reaction to other dogs seems to rely heavily on what his foster sister thinks if she is present. If not, he looks to his humans.

Behavior with other animals:  

Schmidt respects the female cat’s space. She is not a fan of him and he leaves her alone. He knows “leave it” so he smells her then “leaves her”.


Schmidt’s training is exclusively utilizing Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution methods. His training methods stress an authoritative lead with high currency rewards and clear communication.

Schmidt is doing well with potty training. He is a very clean puppy. He will cry in his kennel before he messes in it. His foster mom takes him out every two hours so the inside accidents are minimal (but he’s still a puppy so don’t expect absolute perfection).

Schmidt knows sit, shake, sit pretty, stay (for like five seconds) leave it, and look at me. He is very responsive and eager to please. Schmidt sits before a door opens. When people want to pet Schmidt, they are asked to ask him to sit first.

Schmidt is teething so he needs lots of chew toys.


Best Attribute:   

Schmidt is an absolute cuddle bug. When he is ready to chill, he always has his head on a lap. Schmidt also knows when it’s dark out, it’s time to wind down and he will look at the people around and wait for someone to snuggle with him. It’s adorable to bring him in after a nighttime potty and watch him run to the living room and sit in front of the couch, then look back for a human to come pick him up and sit on the couch with him.

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