A Japanese name meaning "Little Lily."
Sayuri was picked up by Animal Control wandering the streets in Kansas City.  They believe she had puppies about 6 weeks prior and was thin and covered in fleas and in dire need of TLC. Her ordeal is behind her, and little Say is now safe and happy in a loving foster home.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  Female
Age:   2-4 y/o
Weight:  30 to 35 Lbs.
Color:  White/Brown Patches
Good with dogs:  
Good with cats:  No

Health Condition:

Little Sayuri had Mastitis before her rescue and was immediately treated.  She has healed up nicely, has been spayed and is ready to find her forever love.​​

Note that when she came in to our program, the skin under Sayuri's belly was sagging from having been bred, possibly multiple times. The skin is tightening up now that she's been spayed. That said, she will most likely always look like she had puppies before. Please don't let this be a deterrent. It's not her fault that someone did this to her. She deserves love as much as the other dogs, if not more. After all, she had those puppies and did all the hard work. Now it's her turn to be loved and pampered. 

Living Situation:  

Sayuri is in a foster home out in the country.  She enjoys zoomies in the fenced in yard and also does fairly well on leash.  She loves to go for car/truck rides.  She sleeps in a large crate in the room across from her foster mom and is quiet during the night.  Sayuri’s optimal living situation would be in a home with a fenced in yard.  She is energetic and loves to run laps and do  "butt-runs" . We think this fun-loving little lady would excel at agility, being very athletic and motivated by both toys and treats. ​

Sayuri is crate trained.  She might whine in her kennel for a few minutes if she can't see the other dogs, but nothing bad.  She keeps her kennel clean and has no problem holding it for up to 10 hours while her foster mom is at work.  She also respects child gates and doesn't act aggressively toward the other 2 dogs in the house.


Sayuri is what some people call a “Pocket Pit”. She is a tiny little thing at about 30Lbs. While she’s not much bigger than a cat, she has a big happy personality.  Indeed, this little gazelle is energetic and very lively.  She would love a home with an outgoing family that enjoys an active lifestyle.  That said, once Sayuri has had a chance to zoom around in the yard, play with a 4-legged buddy, or have fun with the kids, she calms down like all Pit Bulls do, and is ready to cuddle on the couch and watch “Mulan”.

Sayuri is very, very smart and resourceful. She’s pretty funny too. She likes to get all the toys out of the toy box, enjoys chewing on nylabones, gutting stuffed animals and chasing balls (or anything).  She seems to have a moderate prey drive and rabbits definitely pique her interest.  She is easily redirected with a toy or treat though.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Sayuri can be a little unsure when first meeting someone, but warms up quickly.  She just needs to know that you don’t have any bad intentions towards her; and it doesn’t take her long to figure it out. Ultimately, she loves people and is thrilled to make new friends. We are working on not jumping up on people.  She loves to give kisses!

Behavior with children:  

Sayuri has not been around any children in her current foster home but we believe she would do well with kids. She is playful and full of happy energy. Yet, she is not difficult to handle, especially considering that she is much smaller than average for a Pit Bull.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Sayuri has undergone a long crate and rotate with the other dogs in the household (partially due to her initial health issues and because they need time to welcome new comers).  The older female resident dog will not be introduced to her (since she doesn’t like other dogs).  The resident male has been introduced and they have play sessions.  Sayuri has a great time with him and we believe she would do well with a compatible male dog.

Behavior with other animals:  

Sayuri will not be placed in a home with free range chickens (ha ha).  She went to a friend’s house and they looked like great fun to chase.  She has met several cats however, and prefers to be without cats.  She has been exposed to both horses and cows and she enjoys barking at them but not in a bad way.


We are working on basic obedience training.  Sayuri knows sit and we’re working on down and stay.  She does excellent in her crate.  If she is left unattended in a room, she might have an occasional accident, but has not had a single one in her crate.  She loves playing with every toy she can find and would do great with agility training. She is smart, athletic and loves to have fun!

Best Attribute:   

Sayuri is always happy.  She comes out of her crate and goes spinning thru the house with her tail wagging constantly and a grin on her face. Her small size makes her very easy to manage and of course, impossible to resist. While she is just a tiny little thing, she has a big heart full of love.

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