Meaning of Sarabelle is  "beautiful princess".
We don't have any background information on Sarabelle and are still quite surprised a pretty girl like her with such sweet, loving and responsive demeanor was never claimed at the pound. No idea why she was abandoned but it might have been a good thing for her. This dog is too sweet to be neglected. We promised to find her a home that will treat her like the princess she is. It wont be hard.. She is very deserving and very grateful. Can you tell she's a favorite in our program? 
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  45 - 55 lbs 
Color:  White with Lilac Patches
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Sarabelle came to us with kennel cough she contracted at the pound. A couple of weeks of TLC and antibiotics took care of it. She is pretty much back on her paws now, and proving that she is a total sweetheart under the weather or healthy as a bull.



Living Situation:  

Sarabelle is currently housed in MPR's shelter.  Sarabelle is the sweetest! She is super well behaved in her kennel, keeps it clean and just loves curling up on her bed and snoozing away. She patiently waits for her turn out, is quiet, non-destructive (she's even allowed to have a padded dog-bed and pillows), and always polite. She truly is an all-around perfect little guest.



Sarabelle is the sweetest dog in the world! She loves nothing more than to cuddle next to somebody and lounge on the couch with you. She’s often calm and loving and just wants love and affection, but sometimes she has a short spur of energy turns into a fun-loving goofball.


Sara is definitely very people oriented and everyone is her best friend. Her level of energy is medium. She is responsive, eager to please and one smart cookie.


Behavior with people: 

Sarabelle thinks everyone is her best friend and will curl up in your lap right away. She seeks affection and would love to just cuddle all day, give kisses and nibble on your ears. She is very people-loving and can't get enough love. Sara also enjoys sunbathing on the porch, especially if you hang out with her. 


Behavior with children:  

Sarabelle has met teenagers and was excellent. She actually opened up even more in the presence of the kids and had a great time with them. She seems to really enjoy the company of older children but we think she could do well with little ones too. She is not rambunctious but she likes to do zoomies on the couch from time to time. Also, she does nibble on your hands or your ears but she is very gentle and stops when you tell her. She seems to have a maternal instinct and we think she would be awesome in a home with respectful children. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Sara hasn’t been introduced to other dogs since being in our care. She is not reactive to the dogs kenneled next to her or as she walks by them. She is mildly interested in other dogs but her focus is more on people. 


Behavior with other animals:  

This is unknown at this time.



Sarabelle is a real people pleaser. She seems eager to please and loves to earn your smile. She easily goes in her kennel and keeps it clean, She never had an accident in her kennel and is not destructive of her bedding. Sarabella will be a great walking partner as she walks well on a leash.

Best Attribute:   

Sarabelle is the sweetest pit bull! Her beauty is inside out. She has a loving soul, gentle nature and eagerness to please that makes her a great candidate for just about any home. She is very easy to please, always grateful and full of love. We just adore this beautiful princess and hope she finds a home worthy of her preciousness. 

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