Rose Alba

 The white rose of York. Rose Alba flowers represent the vital, creative principle of power. This is the positive, ‘yang’ principle that initiates and purposefully calls on and applies the inner driving force or impetus to activate, build and create. .

Background Info:


Even though little Rose Alba is not a Pit Bull, she qualifies as a Bully breed and the staff at the city shelter believed she would benefit from being in our program. A request was made for her rescue and we just couldn't say no to this adorable puppy.  We do not have much info about her past and dont know how she landed at the pound. She appears to have suffered from neglect in her previous home. ​

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  AM Bull / Boxer
Sex:  Female
Age:  4-5 mths
Weight:  Growing
Color: White 

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption. 

Physical Description:  

She's on the small side right now, possibly due to neglect. We aren't sure if she will remain a little smaller than average for an America Bulldog mix or if she will start making up for the lack of care she received at a younger age and end up over 70 Lbs. 


Living Situation:  

Rose Alba is fostered in a home with children and other dogs. More info coming soon. 



Timid but coming around. More info coming soon

Behavior with people: 

Info coming soon


Behavior with children:  

Because she is shy and sensitive, we prefer a home with children over 6. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Info coming soon


Behavior with other animals:  




Info coming soon

Best Attribute:   

Info coming soon

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