If kangaroo hops into your life, prepare for adventure and change. You are being called upon to leap into the unknown without fear. Remember, the kangaroo only ever moves forwards, not backwards.
Those ears!!!!! 3 to 6 mo female puppy. Fostered in a home with children and other pets. More info soon. But really... Those ears!!!! 
Info coming soon...
ID Number:  #29740919
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female (Spayed)
Age:  3-6 m/o
Weight:  growing
Color: White
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  N/A


Living Situation:  

Roo is fostered in a home with a fenced yard in Lees Summit.  We have two rescued pit bulls - Obi, male, 3 years old; Brandi, female, 6 years old.  We have two children- Mark, 8 years old; Cooper, 5 years old.  Two adults - parents - live here. 


Roo is crated during the day while we are gone, and gets rotated so the dogs are not all out at the same time.  She has been getting two walks a day- morning and night.  She walks great on a leash after a couple of minutes with strong direction- and with the adults only on the walk.  If the children are with us, she does not listen or mind well at all. 


She sleeps in her crate at night, and she has not peed or pooped in her crate at all.  She also sleeps in her crate without whining at night- yeah!



Roo is easy-going most of the time, but every now and then she has bursts of high energy, like a typical young Pit Bull. And she is quite the athletic little lady. Kangaroo sure is a good name for her! She can jump!   She actually jumped from the ground onto my husband’s shoulder while he was sitting in the recliner (he is 6’4” tall!). A tall privacy fence would be best for her, or perhaps a home with no fence, but active people who like to go on long walks. 


Behavior with people: 

Roo does seem to take on the energy level of those around her though.  When it is only my husband and I in the house, she is calmer and more responsive.  She walks calmly on the leash and doesn’t pull.  She sits in your lap or at your feet and hangs out. 


Behavior with children: 

Roo on the dominant side. She is confident and full of happy-drive. She is especially mischievous with the children and a little too overexcited for little kids. This might change as she matures, but for now, she would do best in a home with teenagers or active adults, and people who have good leadership.


Behavior with other dogs:

More info soon.



Behavior with other pets: 

More info soon.



Roo is doing great in the crate and holds pee/poop throughout the day and night.  She has only had a couple accidents in the house, but we take her out at least once an hour or more!  She is learning sit and eager with treats as motivation.


Best Attribute: 

Without question- her ears!  Her personality is very endearing as well. She is a goofy looking, love bug.  She stays right near you and wants to sit on your lap or at your feet.  She looks for direction, and she is quite smart.  I think she will make a great companion for the right person.

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