Romeo  is one of the most important characters of Romeo and Juliet and has a consistent presence throughout it. His role as an idealistic lover has led the word "Romeo" to become a synonym for a passionate male in various languages.
Don't plan on leaving this page without wanting to adopt me, after all my name is Romeo!
Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  6-7 mths
Weight:  40-60 lbs
Color:  Blue
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes

Health Condition:

​He's getting over kennel cough but otherwise healthy.

Living Situation:  

Romeo is fostered in a home with adults.  He lives with two female dogs and a male cat.  He is kenneled when home alone. During the night he is loose in the house.  Romeo seems to be housebroken and kennel trained.  He doesn't alway enjoy the act of getting into his crate, but once he is in he does just fine!


​Romeo was timid at first but is really coming out of his shell and that could have been from not feeling well with kennel cough. He's pretty chill but loves to play with the dogs, cats and balls. His foster home  has a 6' fence and isn't bothered with city sounds. He's great in the car, he's nervous about getting in and out of car but just lays down and sleeps, he also does good while on leash. We will get him out soon for outings and update. He has done great with the grandkids ranging in age 4-10 and slept with them all night. He was crated at night for the first few days until his foster home knew if he'd potty but he's not had an accident since coming into foster and now he sleeps with us. Romeo is lovable, cuddly and not overly active but still loves to play. He isn't mischievous and hasn't tried to chew or tear anything up...the perfect puppy!

​​​Behavior with people: 

He's greets everyone.  Romeo is a little reserved but very friendly.

Behavior with children:  

Romeo loves kids! 4 grandkids spend the night and loved every minute and slept with them all night.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Romeo was submissive at first meeting when meeting the dogs but loves and plays with them.

Behavior with other animals:  

Romeo doesn't seem to have a prey drive. He plays with our cat and just watches the squirrels in the trees.


He's potty trained, crate trained once you get him in. He knows how to sit and sometimes shake. I think he's smart but is just relaxed about training.​

Best Attribute:   

Romeo will sweep you off your feet with his sweetness! 

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