My Little Pony character. Rarity works as both a fashion designer and as a seamstress at her own shop in Ponyville. She represents the element of generosity. Rarity is sophisticated, appearance-conscious, and creative.

Background Info:

We found this cutie pie at the local shelter, scared and overwhelmed by her situation. Her pleading eyes convinced us to give her a chance in our program. We do not have any info regarding her previous life before her rescue. Her coat at the time indicates that she most likely spent a lot of time outdoors. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull /AmStaff
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  40 to 50 lbs
Color: Silver blue 

Health Condition:

Rarity is a healthy little beauty. Her coat looked a little rough at first, but she quickly blossomed into a beautiful little blue princess now that she is well cared for. 

Physical Description:  

Small/medium size, compact, muscular and very well built. Rarity is athletic and has the prettiest face. She is a tiny bit smaller than average. 


Living Situation:  

Rarity is fostered in a home with a large fenced yard with privacy fence.


There's another dog in the home but they are kept separately. Rarity only met him through kennel doors. She would clearly rather be an only pet so there are no plans for Rarity to meet him snout-to-snout.


Foster mom works during the day and Rarity is kept in a crate when home alone. She sleeps in her private room at night. Rarity LOVES her kennel. If ever her foster mom can't find her, she is likely hiding out in her kennel where it's in a cool part of the house and she has lots of fluffy blankets to cuddle in. She easily goes in her kennel when the people are leaving the house and she knows that's where she sleeps. She has not had any accidents in her kennel or the rest of the house. 


There are no children in her foster home. 


Very fun-loving! Full of love for life. A happy party-girl who loves to play and have a good time. Rarity is very funny and likes to amuse everyone with her joyful personalty.  She's a zoomies queen!

Rarity is energetic and can definitly keep up with the action. That said, she is calm and well behaved in her kennel and shows patience and self control. She does have a knack for roughhousing however, and if you encourage that behavior she can get carried away. Having fun with people is still new to her and she just cant get enough. That said, she is very receptive  and learning to respect the mood. This lighthearted girl is full of potential. 

Rarity goes on outings while in foster care and is becoming increasingly more comfortable in public. She is calm in the car but has to ease herself into areas with lots of noise or people. We are working on keeping her focus when there are lots of distractions in busy places and she is getting better each time! 

Rarity would do best in a somewhat active home - she loves to go on field trips but is very snugly and has mastered the art of piling up blankets and pillows to make her spot on the couch as comfy as possible. If there isn't room for her, she will go lay in her kennel - This pampered princess refuses to NOT be in a cushy cloud when relaxing!

Rarity has learned how to get attention without demanding it - this is a huge accomplishment for her! She is working on settling down if something excites her - the mailman, a toy she loves, her human getting home after a long day - and she has learned commands that help her remember how to refocus and obey her people. She needs a leader that will not let her be the boss and will maintain the structure/routine and authority that her foster mom has developed for her.

Behavior with people: 

She is excitable around people but has learned manners with people that speak dog - That is, if you are able to use simple commands, you will have her full attention and respect. She is very treat-motivated and is super eager to please, so training her has been such a joy!

While she loves everyone she meets, she sometimes hesitate a little as if she had met a few bad people before. She warms up super fast though. She's actually quite the social butterfly when she knows no one has any bad intentions towards her.


Behavior with children:  

Unknown but she might be a little too active and playful for very young kids. She would be awesome in a home with teenagers or active adults. 


While in foster care, Rarity has seen one child through a kennel and reacted sweetly. We do think she would do best in a home with older kids that don't need a dog to be super gentle all the time. Rarity loves a good time!


Behavior with other dogs:  

We were told she met other dogs before and did ok. She loves to play and but not always aware of her happy energy. Another dog could be overwhelmed with her antics. With the right owners however, people who understand the breed well, and with a compatible 4-legged brother, she should be able to share a home with another dog. That said, she does very well as an only pet and enjoys not having to share the attention.  

After spending some time in foster care, her foster mom believes Rarity should be an only pet. She can provide information regarding her behavior if needed.  


Behavior with other animals:  




She had very little training when coming to us but is soaking it up now. She is super smart, alert and very eager to learn while having fun. 

Rarity has shown SUCH amazing progress in her time at her foster home. She has mastered simple commands, plays hide-and-stay, while waiting on the 'ok' to go seek. She will do anything for a bite of doggy popcorn, so we've had a lot of luck with training. She will need an owner that is willing to continue with training and remain consistent. Rarity thrives on healthy structure and predictability.

Best Attribute:   

From her foster mom: "Rarity has learned how to be a pet! She used to be too nervous to sit still long enough to let us pet her, and now she runs out of her kennel, finds her place on the couch, rearranges the pillows, burrows her head under the blankets, and snores while we watch TV. She knows she belongs and knows she is loved and watching that transformation has been so beautiful. Regardless of whatever she went through in her past life, she will never go back to that and we get a sense that she knows that." 

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