Ramón is a supporting character in Happy Feet. Ramón is a hapless romantic known as the penguin who such wanting love from the "Chicas". And he also make himself being the cool one. He's still cool, caring, loyal and friendly.

Background Info:


Ramon came to animal control after being seized for cruelty. He came in underweight but has since put on weight.  Even with all he has been through, Ramon only has love for people. He has waited his turn for a place in our program and we couldn't be happier to have such a fun guy!


Health Condition:

Ramon is healthy and ready for adoption, but he has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies. This will likely need to be managed throughout his life.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull /Bull Terrier
Sex:  Male
Age:  4-6 yrs
Weight:  35 to 45 lbs
Color:  White & Blue

Physical Description:  

Ramon is so adorable looking and we consider him pretty close to being a pocket pittie.  It's possible he has some Miniature Bull Terrier in him. 


Now he may be tiny, but his charm is big. He couldn't be anymore irresistible inside and out. Little guy is very stocky but weighs less than 45 Lbs. He's super compact and chubby like a cute little penguin. The cutest thing he does is roll on his back for belly rubs and that makes him look like a little piglet, lol!


Living Situation:  

Ramon is living at MPR 's shelter and handling his situation like a pro. He's super good in his kennel; quiet, non reactive, easy, and he keeps it clean and neat. Needless to say, between his good behavior, his adorable appearance and his irresistible charm, little Ramon has quickly become a volunteers' favorite. 



What a fun-loving, sweet and silly little clown! He's so good and easy, polite and friendly and a little cuddle-bug too. 

Ramon loves to do a few zoomies when he first gets out of his kennel but he quickly settles for cuddles on the couch. His level of energy is on the low side. Ramon is playful when it's time to be he loves it when the mood calls for chilling. 

Ramon is slightly timid, a little sensitive and very responsive. You can easily hurt his little feelings if you raise your voice but he bounces right back thanks to his positive spirit. He's the type to make sparkly lemonade when life gives him lemons and he thinks everyone should share the love.  

Behavior with people: 

Ramon is hilarious when greeting people. He's very expressive in his enthusiasm and definitly makes you feel like a million bucks. He just cant contain his joy when someone walks in a room, no matter how long they've been gone. When it comes to Ramon, his loved-ones are always returning from active duty overseas, even when gone 5 minutes. Thing is, he makes us feel the same way about him lol! So greeting are always an explosion of love and joy on both sides, quickly followed by a cuddling session on the couch. Little guy is indeed, very affectionate and loves to snuggle.


Behavior with children:  

Ramon hasn't been introducing to small kids since being us but he's been around older children and did awesome. There's no aggressive issues what's so ever with this little man and we think he would do well in a family home. Because he is a little sensitive however, we prefer a home with children over 5 for him. Just for his sake, since sometimes toddlers can be a little clumsy and not always aware of a dog's sensitive feelings. We do think he'd love a home with older, respectable kids however, so he would get lots of attention. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Ramon wants to be the apple of your eye.  We think he would do best as an only dog in his new home. Other dogs make him uncomfortable. It's possible Ramon had a bad experience with other dogs in his past and we prefer not putting through that stress again. He's so much a people-dog anyway. This is where his heart is.


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown. He doesn't appear reactive but we haven't seen him face to face with a cat or a squirrel. We dont know the extend of his prey-drive if any. He is a Terrier however so people need to keep this in mind when applying for any Pit Bull type dog if they have kitties or other small critters.



Ramon keeps his kennel clean and neat. He's not destructive and doesn't mess with his bedding.  

Ramon is very responsive and eager to please. We cant imagine training being a problem. All he wants is to be a good boy and to make his loved-ones happy.

Best Attribute:   

His size/personality combo!  This little clown couldn't be any cuter and we mean it. You have to meet him in person and you will be as smitten as we are. It's impossible to resit his charm and he is thrilled with the attention.


Ramon is super sweet but not overly needy. He's too polite for that. After the initial happy greetings when you come home and he needs to show you just how much he loves you and missed you, he'll grab a toy and go chill on the couch or he'll find the best sun-spot to lay on and just be a content and well behaved little guy until you have time for him.

We have to stress that Ramon is currently one of the best dog in our program. He's very sweet, easy, responsive and adorable in too many ways to list all.

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