Did you hear it from the grapevine?
Raisin was pulled from a local shelter after the staff pleaded his case. He was very underweight and appeared to have come from either a very neglectful situation, or perhaps he had been abandoned for some time. It sure didn't take him long to leave his past behind and embrace a chance at the good life now that he is in MPR's care. He also blossomed into a beautiful boy with the most adorable wrinkly face.
ID Number: #23038
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull/SharPei mix
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1 to 3 years old
Weight: 50-60 lbs. 
Color: Brown/Blue
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Not really
Foster Situation:

Raisin is in a foster home with two resident males.


**Note from foster home**: Raisin has had a LONG go of it. He's been with MPR for about two years and has run into the worst luck. He has the MOST resilient spirit of any dog I've seen. He's been in and out of foster homes, adopted and returned twice, gone through heartworm treatment, battled alopecia... I mean, the poor guy can't catch a break.


It's important to be upfront about why Raisin is labeled 'special needs.' He was returned from his most recent adopters because he has some definite resource guarding issues with strong triggers that don't always seem consistent. To me, this means nothing but a welcome challenge, but I can certainly understand why this can be too much for any family. Raisin will require a breed-savvy applicant that is willing to get to know him and figure out what he needs to succeed. I work with children with special needs, on the Autism spectrum specifically, and Raisin reminds me of one of them. If they don't follow instructions, we don't keep trying to get them to understand. We implement a new strategy until we find one that clicks with their capabilities. That's what Raisin needs; a family that when one way of discipline doesn't yield results, don't give up but instead try something else.


In the time that I've observed Raisin since he came back to MPR, I have not had any problem with him whatsoever. I like to think that he just respects me and knows my boundaries and was testing his other adopter's limits before, but he can't talk to me - He can't defend his stubbornness or his plea for attention. He can only hope that I'll try to understand him without an explanation. I am confident in saying that whoever is lucky enough/ambitious enough to give Raisin a chance...well... they'll find a friend in him that I'll forever be jealous of. He's one of a kind and I will hold onto him for as long as it takes until the PERFECT home comes along - He deserves it.



Raisin is a hoot! He is a clumsy, obedient, kissing fool! He loves attention and is incredibly eager to please, which makes him very easy to train. He is so happy that his tail might bruise you with love-wags and so excited for a treat, that he'll drool a puddle before you give it to him. This excitement is easily controllable, though, with exercise and attention. In fact, he really wants more attention than he does exercise :)


Behavior with people:

Raisin knows no stranger! Everyone is a long lost friend, though he is a little unsure with men he doesn't know. He takes a few seconds to warm up to them. He is definitely a ladies man. He needs a strong leader that will be consistent with boundaries because sometimes he forgets his 'no jumping' manners. He has improved immensely with reward-based training.


Other dogs/pets:

Raisin is what we like to call a 'teacher's pet.' He LOVES singled-out attention and gets super annoyed when another dog steals him limelight. He will tolerate it but you can tell he's not thrilled about it so we think Raisin wants to be an only child, without any pesky younger brothers/sisters annoying him. That said, he is not necessarily aggressive with other dogs and could be in a home with a female under very strict supervision regarding typical triggers (toys, food, visitors, etc.).



Raisin knows basic commands and is housebroken, as well as crate trained. He's never gotten into the trash or chewed anything he should not... although his favorite game is to simply collect his foster mom's shoes in a pile and lay with them. She doesn't know why but as long as he doesn't chew them up, to each his own!


Raisin has come a long way since he first started in his foster home - With repetitive training and loooots of treats, he hardly ever jumps on people and has learned to follow his foster mom's lead when it comes to visitors. He went from storming the door and barking nonstop to looking for guidance and waiting for her reaction. She also loves the fact that she doesn't have to kennel Raisin during the day because he's so trustworthy and non-destructive. He spends his afternoons lounging in the bedroom (separated from the other dogs) and watching Parks and Rec. Seriously, that's his favorite show.


Best Attribute:

His wrinkly face is totally irresistible but his loving personality will make you fall in love with him even more. His foster mom always says that he would sit right on your head if you'd let him, that's how much he loves you. Raisin is the epitome of 'man's best friend' - He can go on long walks with you or cuddle all day. He's perfectly fine with either. He just wants to be near the ones he loves.

Raisin's Bully Hero is Candace Seger!
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