Princess Poppy

Poppy is a relentlessly upbeat — if slightly naive — Troll who likes to solves all problems with a song, a dance and a hug.
Poppy was left behind at the pound by her previous family. We don't know why but what we know is that they broke her heart. She was so upset when we first met her; we wondered if she would get over her ordeal. We decided to give her a chance and hope she would come around... She did! In fact, we think she doesn't even miss her previous family anymore. She has figured out that there are nicer people out there. People that won't let her down. We promised to find her a home that will be as faithful to her and she will be to them this time. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1 to 3 Years
Weight:  50-60 lbs.
Color: Liver & White
Good with dogs:  No
Good with cats:  Probably not

Health Condition:

Poppy seems to have been raised with poor care and unfortunately, it left her with heartworm disease. She is under medical treatment and the prognostic is excellent. Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for her care. Poppy would also greatly benefit from a foster home when she receives her infections, as she will need to be kept calm for 6 weeks. Please click HERE if you can help.

Living Situation:  

Poppy is currently at our mini-shelter. She has a kennel with indoor/outdoor access and keeps her indoor area clean. She tries to be a trouper about her situation but now that she has discovered how nice people are, she can't get enough attention. Still, she waits for her turn and remains well-behaved in her kennel. She is not destructive, although sometime she likes to re-arrange her blankets to her liking. She's a smart cookie and knows what she wants.


Poppy is a typical Pit Bull energy wise. She can go from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds. All she needs is an outlet for her vigor and she is good to go. She would prefer a house with a fenced yard to run off her zoomies and she'll be ready to settle nicely on the couch and cuddle.



Poppy has personality to spare! Very expressive and easy to read. She is a great communicator indeed. While an active young lady who loves to do hilarious butt-runs, she is not hyper by any means. She just like to have fun; whatever fun may be.  A walk, toys, cuddles, or just a fun game of hide-and-seek in the house.  She's always on board for a good time.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Poppy loves people but she can be a little unsure with certain strangers. Maybe some people remind her of certain unpleasant individuals in her past. She gets over her hesitations as soon as she knows no one has bad intentions towards her. Then she is all about love and waggles. 


Behavior with children: 

Poppy seems good with kids. She has met teenagers and should do well in a home with a family. 


Behavior with other dogs: 

Poppy is not a huge fan of the other dogs at the shelter and we feel that she would be best as an only pet. 


Behavior with other animals: 

Unknown but would most likely do well in a home without cats or other small animals. 



So far Poppy is very responsive and will definitely benefit from a positive leader who can provide some structure and lots of activity to keep her engaged. We're working on basic commands. Once she completes her heartworm treatment we will start walking on a leash. 

Best Attribute:  

Poppy is hilarious, loving, goofy at times and all around adorable. She's a fairly petite girl but she radiates enthusiasm. This beautiful girl will fill any room she enters with her charm. 

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